Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certificate of Eligibility?
A Certificate of Eligibility is a document issued by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) that states your eligibility to receive VA benefits.


How do I get a Certificate of Eligibility?
Certificates are issued by the VA after approving a claim for benefits. To submit a claim for benefits please use VONAPP (VA Online Application) at Initial claims can be filed on a Form 22-1990 or 22-1990E.


How long does it take to receive a Certificate of Eligibility?
Processing times vary based on VA workload. On average the Department of Veterans Affairs processes a Certificate of Eligibility within 4-6 weeks.


How do I apply for GI Bill benefits?
Online at through VONAPP (VA Online Application).


Do I qualify for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits?
Post-9/11 GI Bill is based on your period of service on active duty since September 10, 2001. To review the exact requirements for eligibility please review the information at


What is Tuition Assistance Top-Up?
This benefit can be equal to the difference between the total cost of a college course and the amount of Tuition Assistance that is paid by the military for the course.

To be eligible for the Top-up benefit, the person must be approved for federal Tuition Assistance by a military department and be eligible for MGIB-Active Duty benefits or the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

For more information:


Do I qualify for the Yellow Ribbon Program?
Generally, veterans with 36 months of service or more on active duty who qualify for the 100% benefit rate may qualify for this benefit. To determine eligibility, veterans must apply for Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits with the VA. The VA will issue a Certificate of Eligibility which lists your eligibility for Yellow Ribbon.


How do I receive payment of my VA benefits?
VA will send Chapter 33 (Post 9-11) tuition/fee payments directly to the school. All other payments will be issued to the student. The VA makes payment directly to the veteran by (1) direct deposit or (2) mailing a check to the mailing address on file at the VA.

  • Under Montgomery GI Bill (Ch 30 and 1606) and REAP:  If you attend school, you must verify your enrollment each month by using the WAVE or IVR system or by calling the toll free 1-877-823-2378. Remember that you cannot be paid for a month until the month is over and you verify that you were still in attendance for that month.


What if I change my enrollment?
This occurs when you drop a class, withdraw from a class or are dropped from a class by the instructor. Most often, the Veterans Services Certifying Official will receive notification, but there are occasions where this does not happen. It is your responsibility to inform the S&T Veterans Services Certifying Official of the change.


What if I withdraw from school?
Should it become necessary for you to withdrawal from all classes, you must contact the S&T Veterans Services Certifying Official before doing so. There are many concerns you should be aware of before withdrawing completely (i.e., repayment). Depending on the circumstances of the withdrawal, the S&T Veterans Services Certifying Official may be able to assist you in preventing a repayment.


As a service member or veteran, am I eligible for a tuition discount?
S&T does not currently offer tuition reductions for servicemembers or veterans. However, the state of Missouri does offer a tuition reduction program for some Missouri residents who are servicemembers or veterans. For more information please refer to Missouri Returning Heroes' Education Act. 

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