Office Information

Mission:  The Office of the Registrar at Missouri University of Science and Technology is dedicated to maintaining the accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality of academic records while providing exemplary service to students, alumni, faculty, and staff. We strive to support S&T's mission by leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and accessibility. By effectively interpreting and applying academic policies and regulations, we aim to foster an environment of trust and enhance the educational experience within the S&T community.

Vision:  We strive to support and enrich the educational journey at S&T through inventive technology and a steadfast commitment to trust and integrity through precise and secure academic records.

1.    Dedication to accuracy, integrity, and confidentiality
2.    Commitment to exemplary service, reflecting respect and support within the S&T community.
3.    Embrace of innovation and technology for efficiency and accessibility
4.    Upholding academic policies and regulations with transparency and fairness
5.    Cultivation of trust and continuous improvement