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Cross Enrollment 

Cross Enrollment will allow you to take a class(s) at another UM campus. It’s a simple process to enroll.  To participate you must be a degree-seeking student at S&T with no holds impacting registration.

If you are an S&T student wanting to take classes at another UM campus simply log into Joe’SS and navigate to your Student Center.  Under the Academics area you will see a link for Enroll: MU, UMKC, UMSL. Use the links provided to search the other campus Schedule of Classes to determine what courses are available. You will want to check for online instruction mode unless you are willing to travel to the campus.

Check out our FAQ sections for questions regarding the process.


Course Sharing

The Intercampus Course Sharing initiative was designed to encourage the sharing of courses among the four UM campuses to increase options for students, provide opportunities for faculty development leaves, or even expand departmental offerings. Through the initiative, courses can be delivered via conferencing software, as a blended or hybrid course, as a fully online class, or through other similar methods. 


Add/Drop Policy for Distance Students

Online Course Renumbering Crosswalk (Last Updated August 2016)