Checklist & FAQ for Withdrawing

What is a withdrawal?

  • A withdrawal is dropping all classes for the current semester.


Can I do a retroactive withdrawal?

  • No. All withdrawals must be submitted for the current semester.


Drop VS Withdrawal?

  • Dropping refers to a course meaning you are still enrolled in other courses. Withdrawing means you will have NO courses remaining for the semester. You can view your enrolled courses in your enrollment summary on Joe’SS.


I have financial aid – what do I do if I withdraw for the semester?


What about my scholarships?


What if I am a GTA/TA/GA/GRA?


What about my current S&T housing?

  • Contact Residential Life at 573-341-4218.
  • Turn in your key to your RA or Res Life at 205 West 12th Street.


What about a refund?


How much will I owe?

  • Contact the Cashier’s Office at 573-341-4195 or email


I am using the GI Bill / Veterans Assistance, what do I do?


I am transferring during the semester, what do I do?

  • Come to Registrar’s Office for Withdrawal form.
  • Get Signatures from Loans, Advisor, SFA, Residential Life.
  • Turn form back into Registrar’s Office, 103 Parker Hall.


I am transferring after the semester is over or before it starts, what do I do?

  • Before it starts: Unenroll from all classes for upcoming semester.
  • After it is over: Do not enroll for any classes for upcoming semester.


What if I am unable to come to the office due to hospitalization or other reasons unknown?

  • Send an email with your name, ID number to request a withdrawal from your S&T email.


What is the process for withdrawing from all my classes at S&T?

  • Come to Registrar’s Office to obtain a withdrawal form.
  • Get all required signatures.
  • Return form to Registrar’s Office; 103 Parker Hall.


I am an international student, what do I do?


I am a PhD student, what do I do to withdraw?

  • Contact your department.
  • Contact the Registrar’s Office to get the withdrawal form, 103 Parker Hall.


I am a distance student, what do I do to withdraw?


I am an athlete, how will withdrawing affect my eligibility?


For questions about University Student Health insurance:


Decisions about dropping or withdrawing from the University can be difficult and students returning from leave may benefit from support. For support assistance:
Contact Care Management at or 573-341-4209.


GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at


  • Go to Registrar’s Office to withdraw. 103 Parker Hall.


  • Go to International Affairs first. 103 Norwood.
  • Go to Registrar’s Office. 103 Parker.


  • Go to Graduate Education first. 216 Centennial Hall.
  • Go to Registrar’s office. 103 Parker Hall.


  • Go to International Affairs – 103 Norwood.
  • Go to Graduate Education – 216 Centennial Hall.
  • Go to Registrar’s Office – 103 Parker Hall.