Joe'SS Grade Entry

Joe'SS is the official faculty web grading site.

Grade Changes

During the grade entry period instructors may change grades that they have entered in Joe’SS. Change the status to “Not Reviewed” in order to change grades. Once the grade has been changed, return the status to “Approved”. During final grades, once the grades have been posted to the student’s record, a grade change form must be sent to the Registrar’s Office with the necessary signatures.



Import Grades from Canvas

Instructors may submit grades by importing them from Canvas into Joe’SS.
Grade entry via Joe’SS will remain active as well.



Incomplete Grades

The grade of incomplete shall be given only at the end of a semester and only if the student has been prevented from completing a course by sickness or unavoidable absence within the last three weeks of a semester and then only if the student has a passing grade in the course up to the time of such sickness or unavoidable absence. A grade of incomplete should be posted as an ‘I’. The instructor has the responsibility to file an ‘Incomplete Grade Form’ with the department. Forms are available in the departments. Joe'SS will also prompt you to complete an Incomplete Grade Agreement. 



Late Grades

Late grades need to be submitted by filling out a Grade Change Form for each individual student in the course. Grades entered after the deadline impact academic standing determination and clearance of graduating students.  Grade Change Forms are available in the department offices.  This applies only to final grades.



Steps for Grade Entry in Joe’SS

1. Logon using the username and password.
This is the same username and password that is used when accessing e-mail. To access Joe’SS, go to

2. Navigate to the Grade Roster.
Select the path Self Service > Faculty Center > My Schedule

3. Select the term and the course. Select the Grade Roster ICON, to the left of the course. Select whether you are entering mid-term or final grades.

4. Enter the grades in the box by each student’s name. Press “Save”. (You may save a partially graded roster and finish grade entry at a later time.)
Saving will edit the grade value. For a list of possible grade values, select the magnifying glass by the grade box and then select “Lookup”. Choose the grade from this table or enter the grade directly in the grade box.

5. After all grades are entered for the course, select the appropriate Approval Status using the drop-down box and SAVE.
In some departments, TA’s may only have access to change the status to “Ready to Review”. The instructor will then need to change the status to “Approved”.

6. Once the status has been changed to APPROVED and saved, the following message will appear: “SUCCESSFUL--THIS GRADE ROSTER IS COMPLETE. THE GRADE ROSTER WILL BE SUBMITTED FOR POSTING”.

7. You may choose another course or close your session.

8. Grades will be posted to the students’ record by the Registrar’s Office.


Timeout – After 20 minutes of inactivity, your Joe’SS session will be timed out.

Questions? – Contact the Registrar’s Office, Lahne Black, 341-4071 or