Waitlisting Courses

A class waitlist provides an option for students to indicate they want to enroll in a class that has reached its authorized capacity and is closed.  A student on a waitlist is not officially enrolled in that class and thus is not eligible to participate with assignments or receive a grade in that class.

 The only courses which to do not allow a waitlist through Joe’SS are Physics 1135 and 2135.  

Waitlisting a class is available through the end of registration the day prior to the start of the semester.

 A student is placed on the waitlist at the time he/she attempts to enroll in a full class section by checking the "OK to Waitlist" checkbox that will be displayed when enrolling in a class.  If there is no waitlist  the "OK to Waitlist" checkbox will not appear as an option when a student attempts to register for a class in Joe’SS Self-Service Enrollment.  An automated nightly process will  move eligible students from the waitlist to enrollment as space is available.  After the last automated process is run the night prior to the start of the semester, students will need to get a permission number from the instructor teaching the course and register through Joe'SS.  If you do not want to add a class that you are on the waitlist for once classes begin, you don't have to do anything.  Waitlisted classes will be removed eventually from your schedule.  You are not being charged for the class.  If you are waiting for a refund on your account and it is being held up by a waitlisted course, this will be rectified after the second week of classes.  A process is run after the second week of classes and the refunds are issued.

Students are ineligible to be automatically enrolled from the waitlist for the following reasons:

  • They have a time conflict with another class
  • They are already enrolled in another section of the course
  • They would exceed their maximum term units
  • They do not meet requirements of the course (for example, reserved for majors only)
  • They have a registration hold

 Students who are enrolled via the waitlist are responsible for reviewing and making any other changes to their schedule.  Students will only be enrolled from the waitlist provided the enrollment does not exceed the room capacity designated for the class.