Veterans & Active-Duty Military

The Registrar's Office handles eligibility for veteran and veteran dependent benefits. Missouri S&T is approved for the certification of students eligible to receive educational assistance from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Missouri S&T Veterans Services staff are not employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs, and do not have access to veterans' records.

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Withdrawal Policy for Students Called to Active Duty

Missouri S&T students called to active duty during the semester will have three options:

  1. They may withdraw from school and receive a 100 percent refund. Partial refunds may be given when it is appropriate to award credit for some classes and not others. NOTE: Refunds will not be immediately available. Refund checks will be sent to your forwarding address or that of your designated contact or representative.
  2. Where appropriate, the student and instructor may consider the use of the "incomplete" grade (or "I" grade). The time spent in active duty will not be included in the time allowed to remove the incomplete grade (one calendar year).
  3. The student and instructor may choose to have all the coursework completed prior to the active duty report day, in which case a final grade may be assigned. This would be appropriate if the student is called to active duty near the end of the semester.

A copy of the student's orders to active duty should be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Bring the following to the Registrar's Office:

  1. Forwarding Address(es)
  2. Name, address and phone number of a contact or your representative
  3. Your S&T student ID number


No record of the reason for your cancellation or withdrawal will be noted on your official university transcript. You will need to document the date of your service via military records.


If you are currently living in campus housing (university-owned apartments, residence halls, etc) you will want to contact the Residential Life Office at your earliest convenience to inform them of your individual circumstances. They will be informed of your student status, but you will need to make arrangements for check-out of your residence hall directly with Residential Life.

Missouri S&T Residential Life Office:
Campus Housing & Dining Bldg   205 W 12th Street
1 (573) 341-4218

Financial Aid

The Student Financial Assistance Office will be informed of your student status and will make adjustments according to their guidelines.

To learn more about these withdrawal policies, please visit


When you are ready to return to Missouri S&T, contact the Registrar's Office and we will assist you in any way possible. As a former student returning, submit the appropriate form (below) to reactivate your student status:

Transfer Credit

Students who have served in the armed forces may be eligible to receive college credit for courses completed through the military or occupational specialty training.  The American Council of Education (ACE) recommendations in A Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experience in the Armed Services generally serve as a basis for granting such credit.  To count toward a degree, the credit recommended must be appropriate to the student's curriculum and must be determined by the academic department or appropriate faculty to be equivalent in content to courses at Missouri S&T.  Missouri S&T does not grant credit for military science or for courses that are strictly military/vocational in content.

Missouri University of Science and Technology was named one of the “Top Schools” in the 2014 Guide to Military Friendly Colleges & Universities.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at