Commencement Calendar

Spring 2024 Commencement Calendar

**Doctoral students are required to submit the details of their final defense to the Graduate Education office for publication to the campus community using the Final Defense Notification Form.

February 12, 2024 Last day for students to apply for graduation through Joe’SS
March 6, 2024 Student will need to verify their degree name and degree address in Joe’SS
March 10, 2024 Submit thesis/dissertation to Graduate Education office for technical (content) editing; free service that is not required for graduation
March 18, 2024 PhD students notify Registrar’s Office if they are walking, who advisor is, and title of dissertation
April 3, 2024 Student will preview commencement program 
April 7, 2024 Submit revised Form 1A/5A if changes to the plan of study and/or committee are needed
Submit thesis/dissertation to Graduate Education office to begin format checking process; must be completed before final thesis/dissertation can be accepted
April 19, 2024 Submit Form 2/7 to report the results of the final defense and approval of the thesis/dissertation; must be received by Graduate Education office by 4pm on deadline date
May 3, 2024 Submit final thesis/dissertation; instructions on final submission will be given to student by Graduate Education office after Form 2/7 is received and format checking is complete; final must be accepted by 4 pm on deadline date
May 10, 2024 Ph.D. Ceremony
May 11, 2024 Bachelor and Master Ceremonies