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This special virtual event is one way for us to all come together to honor our spring 2020 graduates and mark this important moment. Congratulations to all of our graduates! #GoMiners

Celebration Details

  • Order of Events
  • Candidates for Graduation

Order of Events

This online event will salute our graduating students through remarks and videos.

  1. Welcome from Mo Dehghani, S&T Chancellor
  2. Congratulations from Mun Choi, UM System President
  3. Remarks from the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business (CASB)
    • Kate Drowne, Interim Vice Provost and Dean
    • Sylvia Skouby, Graduate Student Speaker
    • Amy Costa, Undergraduate Student Speaker
  4. Remarks from the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC)
    • Richard Wlezien, Vice Provost and Dean
    • Katherine Bartels, Graduate Student Speaker
    • Adam Brooks, Undergraduate Student Speaker
    • Delaney Simmons, Undergraduate Student Speaker
  5. Congratulations from S&T faculty and staff
  6. Congratulations from S&T alumni
  7. Presentation of degree candidates
  8. Congratulations from Julia Brncic, Chair of the UM Board of Curators
  9. Closing remarks

This virtual celebration will not replace the in-person commencement, which is postponed and will be rescheduled.

Candidates for Graduation


Candidates for Graduation

Mohanad Mohsin Abdulazeez

Civil Engineering

Seismic Behavior of Composite Bridge Columns

Mohamed A. ElGawady

Abdulaziz M. Abutunis

Mechanical Engineering

Development of Horizontal Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine using Experimental and Numerical Approaches

K. Chandrashekhara

Ahmed Qasim Atiyah Al Saedi

Petroleum Engineering

Exploring Wellbore and Reservoir Temperature Profiles in Fluid Circulation and Production Operations

Ralph E. Flori

Ahmed Adnan Atshan Al-Mamoori

Chemical Engineering

Development of Novel Materials and Processes for Direct Conversion of CO2 Flue Gas to Chemicals and Fuels

Fateme Rezaei

Diya Ali Ahmad Alfuqara

Geological Engineering

Geophysical Assessment of the Lake Chesterfield Site, Missouri

Neil L. Anderson

Abdulrahman Ahmed Aljabbab

Geological Engineering

Geophysical Characteristics of Nickel and Copper Deposits in Wadi Al Khadra Prospect, Southwestern of Saudi Arabia

Neil L. Anderson

Mohammad Rashed M. Altimania

Electrical Engineering

Operation and Analysis of High-Voltage-Gain DC-DC Converters with Voltage Multipliers

Mehdi Ferdowsi

Hassan Abdullah Alzahrani

Geological Engineering

Imaging in Karst Terrain Using the Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) and Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) Methods

Neil L. Anderson

Kenneth A. Campbell

Civil Engineering

Physical and Biological Factors Affecting Oxygen Transfer in the Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Process

Jianmin Wang

Haifeng Ding

Petroleum Engineering

Factors Impacting the Transport and Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential of Polymeric Nanogel in Sandstone

Baojun Bai

Sherif Mohamed Hisham Abdulaziz Fakher

Petroleum Engineering

Investigating the Factors Impacting the Success of Immiscible Carbon Dioxide Injection in Unconventional Shale Reservoirs: An Experimental Study

Abdulmohsin Imqam

Mokhtar Sidi Mohammad Fal

Mechanical Engineering

Hydrokinetic Turbine Composite Blades and Sandwich Structures: Damage Evaluation and Numerical Simulation

K. Chandrashekhara

Abdul Ghafoor

Mechanical Engineering

Observer-Based Event-Triggered and Set-Theoretic Neuro-Adaptive Controls for Constrained Uncertain Times

S.N. Balakrishnan

Amirhossein Ghods

Electrical Engineering

Design and Fabrication of Field-Effect III-V Schottky Junction Solar Cells

Ian T. Ferguson

Ram Deepak Gottapu

Systems Engineering

Computational Model for Neural Architecture Search

Cihan H. Dagli

Aso Abdul Kareem Hassan

Chemical Engineering

Comprehensive Study of Biodiesel Continuous Flow Synthesis

Joseph D. Smith

George Leno Holmes Jr.

Mechanical Engineering

Trajectory Control of a Wheeled Robot Using Interaction Forces for Intuitive Overground Human-Robot Interaction

Yun Seong Song

Md. Monirul Islam

Systems Engineering

Microgrid Design, Control, and Performance Evaluation for Sustainable Energy Management in Manufacturing

Cihan H. Dagli

Tariq Khalaf Khamees

Petroleum Engineering

Evaluation of the Performance of Different Polymer Gel Systems as an In-Depth Gel Treatment using Numerical Simulation

Ralph E. Flori

Hatim Kareem Khudhair


Pattern Selection Models: From Normal to Anomalous Diffusion

Yanzhi Zhang

Awad Abdussalam Henish Lemnifi

Mining Engineering

Application of Geophysics and Remote Sensing Techniques for Economic Mineral Exploitation in Libya

Taghi Sherizadeh and Nassib Aouad

Haohan Li

Computer Science

Attention Mechanism in Deep Neural Networks for Computer Vision Tasks

Zhaozheng Yin

Xuesong Liu

Civil Engineering

The Combined Toxic Effect of Nanoparticles and Lead in the Presence of Algae (Raphidocelis)

Jianmin Wang

Giorgi Maghlakelidze

Electrical Engineering

System Efficient ESD Design Concept for Soft Failures

DongHyun Kim

Mahboobeh Mahmoodi

Electrical Engineering

Frequency Selective Surface-Based Sensing; Theory and Applications

Kristen M. Donnell

Douglas John McGeehan

Computer Science

Towards Efficacy and Efficiency in Sparse Delay Tolerant Networks

Sanjay Madria

Prashanthi Metku

Computer Engineering

Novel Approaches for Reliable and Efficient Circuit Design

Minsu Choi

Wesam Sameer Mohammed-Ali

Civil Engineering

Minimizing the Detrimental Effects of Hydro-Peaking on Riverbank Instability: The Lower Osage River Case

Cesar Mendoza and Robert R. Holmes

Mohammad Rasoul Narimani

Electrical Engineering

Strengthening QC Relaxations of Optimal Power Flow Problems by Exploiting Various Coordinate Changes

Mariesa L. Crow

Sidharth Razdan

Chemical Engineering

Polymeric Nanoparticle as a New Platform for High Removal of Endotoxins from Biopharmaceutical Solutions

Sutapa Barua

Prashanth Sandineni


Structurally and Electronically Diverse Polyanion-Based Cathode Materials for Alkali-Ion Batteries

Amitava Choudhury

Humayun Shariff

Chemical Engineering

Experimental and Modeling Studies Using Packed Bed Reactors: Liquid Phase Ethylene Production by Hydrogenation of Acetylene

Muthanna Al-Dahhan

Sangeeta Sur


Stabilization Dynamics of the Ozone Molecular System

Richard Dawes

Austin Taylor Sutton

Mechanical Engineering

Characterization and Recyclability of 304L Stainless Steel Powder for Use in the Selective Laser Melting Process

Ming C. Leu

Wesley William Tucker

Nuclear Engineering

Design of X-Ray Source for Real-Time Computed Tomography

Hyoung Koo Lee

Siddesh Umapathi


Transition Metal Chalcogenide Hybrid Systems as Catalysts for Energy Conversion and Biosensing

Manashi Nath

Aslihan Vuruskan

Aerospace Engineering

Impact of Turbulence Models and Shape Parameterization on Robust Aerodynamic Shape Optimization

Serhat Hosder

Mitchell John Wainwright

Aerospace Engineering

Experimental Investigation of Ionic Liquid Mixtures for Electrospray Propulsion Applications

David Riggins

Dan Wang

Geology and Geophysics

A Broad Iceland Plume Associated with Two Phase Transitions at the 660 km Discontinuity: Constraints from Receiver Functions

Stephen S. Gao

Tuo Wang

Geology and Geophysics

Seismological Investigations of Lithospheric Structure Beneath the East African Rift System and the Kalahari Craton

Kelly H. Liu and Stephen S. Gao

Biyao Zhao

Electrical Engineering

System SI/PI Modeling and Analysis

Jun Fan

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

V.A. Samaranayake, Interim Chair

  • Ravinath S.B.A. Alahakoon Mudiyanselage
  • Lioba Boveleth
  • Wenyuan Cui
  • Joshua Nicholas Maxwell
  • Fathima Zahra Sainul Abdeen

Master of Business Administration in Business Administration

Keng L. Siau, Chair

  • Roger Pendleton Barker
  • Spencer C. Cioci
  • Hayden James Flaugher
  • Natalyn Grace Giverson Worley
  • Jody L. Hawks
  • John D. Held II
  • Kala Marie Longman
  • Rachelle Lynn Martin
  • Austin William Parks
  • David Chris Rethemeyer Jr.
  • Jade Elizabeth Sinnott
  • Carson Elizabeth Talley
  • Unnar Bjarni Thorarensen

Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Susan L. Murray, Chair

  • Morgan Rose Anderson
  • Riegen Dannae Anderson
  • Alexander Pascal Burns
  • Stephanie Centeno
  • Edgardo Ernesto Cigaran
  • Andrea Elizabeth Davidson
  • Cody William Gardner
  • Maelyn Mahoney Godkin
  • Lauren Martin
  • Emika E. Otani
  • Laura Ilusion Rivera
  • Sylvia Mae Skouby
  • Heather Vinson

Master of Science in Information Science and Technology

Keng L. Siau, Chair

  • Sowmya Chandrashekar
  • Zeshan Hyder
  • Ran Liu
  • Douglas Mkwe Mangoli
  • Swetha Papaiahgari
  • Vineeth Penugonda
  • Zhongtian Shi
  • Kosha Yagnesh Soni
  • Janet L. Wickey
  • Yingrui Xi
  • Qiuyue Yang
  • Yang Zhao

Master of Science in Technical Communication

Kristine Swenson, Chair

  • Priyanka Ganguly
  • Amy Louise McMillen
  • Sumina Nasrin

Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering

J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair

  • Ken Yu Jiang

Master of Science in Ceramic Engineering

Gregory E. Hilmas, Chair

  • Nicole Mary Korklan

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Christi Luks, Acting Chair

  • Omar Jalaa Yahya Farid
  • Brent Andrew Johnston
  • Yeshwanth Reddy Mekala
  • Satya Rajendra Kishore Varma Penmatsa

Master of Science in Civil Engineering

Joel Burken, Chair

  • Joshua Hyrum Austin
  • Mirela Celaj
  • Daniel Alexander Griffith
  • Venkata Seetharam Jyothula
  • Katie Jean Kramer
  • Todd Holman Lowell Jr.
  • Ryan A. McCarren
  • Nathan Donald Meisgeier
  • Rey Savella Molina
  • Charlemagne A. Nicolas
  • Matthew George Schultes
  • Collin Spencer Sponable
  • Bryce Tyler Tafolla

Master of Science in Computer Science

Bruce McMillin, Interim Chair

  • Esraa Habeeb Khaleel Al-Juhaishi
  • Jared Lane Bebb
  • Michael Cannon Macke
  • Narasimha Manideep Vangala
  • Rudrasaitej Yepuri

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Daryl G. Beetner, Chair

  • Shirly Adams Gamliel
  • Sai Vamsi Gopala Krishna Gadepalli
  • Vinay Jayaram
  • Sri Chandana Kalakuntla
  • Shantanu Kulkarni
  • Yeseswini Puttagunta
  • Kaviarasan Vasu
  • Kartikeya Jayadurga Prasad Veeramraju
  • Junda Wang
  • William James Zenk
  • Haidong Zhao

Master of Science in Engineering Management

Suzanna Long, Chair

  • Anthony Bernard Adams III
  • Catherine Royce Antoniou
  • Nicholas Vincent Antoniou
  • Brittney Banks
  • Alexander Burruss
  • Eric Daniel Churchill
  • Andrew Richard Coulter
  • Craig Delmar Curry Jr.
  • Joost Luke DeMoes
  • Brian Wayne Deedon
  • Denney Charles Domnik
  • Justin Alexander Fraser
  • Andrew John Gauthier
  • Ryan Robert Gibeley
  • Tristan Henry Alaric Godbold
  • Matthew Taylor Golden
  • Derrick Hill
  • Jarred Washington Howell
  • DeAnna Marie Jennings
  • Marcie Jhong
  • Ryan Vern Kelly
  • William Henry Kleine
  • James Alan Lee Jr.
  • Dutt Venkata Lodagala
  • Brendan Stenerson McKinley
  • Richard R. Metzger
  • Justin Garrett Newman
  • Alaimoana Tuavao Paunga
  • Vyshnavee Reddlapalli Venkatesh
  • Casey James Reidy
  • Joseph Kyle Samuels
  • Jordan Thomas Schultz
  • Ryan David Sexauer
  • Cody Stamm
  • Anna Nicole Stanfield
  • Adrian William Stark
  • Paul Robert Stetekluh
  • James Richard Stiger
  • Jonathan William Taylor
  • Andrew Michael Thorn
  • Ioannis Eleftheriou Wallingford
  • Bertrand H. Wang
  • Gary Ray Warren Jr.
  • Christopher Keith White

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

Joel Burken, Chair

  • Katherine Ann Bartels
  • Andreas Nicholaz Brown
  • Bryan Matthew Ciccarello
  • James Glenn Millns III
  • Sean Michael Myers
  • Jason Daeho Rho
  • Matthew Tyler Stanley

Master of Science in Explosives Engineering

Kwame Awuah-Offei, Interim Director, Mining Engineering

  • Colter Zachariah Angell
  • Ben Jonathan Bateman
  • David Pierre Doucet
  • Kyle Anthony Hillis
  • Martin John Langenderfer
  • Ryan A. Ripley
  • Mark Edward Spaniel

Master of Science in Explosives Technology

Kwame Awuah-Offei, Interim Director, Mining Engineering

  • Amanda Marie Carlson

Master of Science in Geological Engineering

David Borrok, Chair

  • Lauren King Blanton
  • Michael Alexander Burkeen
  • Meredith Howard Caram III
  • Jordan Marshall Dawsey
  • Sean Timothy Donahue
  • Thomas John Foley
  • Jazmyne Grayson
  • Kathleen Marguerite Guzman
  • William Alexander Heida
  • Cortland Powell Henderson
  • Nathan Keith
  • Cody Jackson Loose
  • Sean Michael McCulley
  • James Douglas O’Neal
  • Abraham Calef Orozco
  • Eric Armando Perez
  • John M. Pyne
  • Kelsey Peta
  • Kelsey Amanda Reppert
  • Edgar Enrique Rivas
  • Sean Patrick Robinson
  • Travis Scott Schecher
  • Camden Mason Schreiber
  • Turki Essam Sehly
  • Brian Sekita
  • Christopher Sherrill
  • Mitchell James Simmons
  • Molly Jordan Slattery
  • Zachery Clark Smith
  • Amber Nicole Strick
  • Jonathan Patrick Touchet
  • Martin David Trepanier
  • Jeffrey Palmer White
  • Hayley Jordan Van Winkle

Master of Science in Geology and Geophysics

David Borrok, Chair

  • Elisandra Hernández
  • Qiaoqi Sun

Master of Engineering in Geotechnics

David Borrok, Chair

  • John Vincent Castro
  • Nick Kalomiris
  • Brian John Stenehjem
  • Brian Scott Wyatt

Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering

J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair

  • Eduardo Menchaca
  • Simon Peter Misener

Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering

J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair

  • Meelap Michael Coday

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair

  • Adam Aleshire
  • Christian Linwood Chase
  • Sherman Dominic D’Souza
  • William Christopher Dean
  • Jacob H. Homann
  • Charng-Yuh Lee
  • Lucas Alan Mann
  • Daniel Brian Merrill
  • David Michael Murphy Jr.
  • Praneet Ashok Pawar
  • Ryan Roundtree
  • James Vincent Rueschhoff II

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering

Ayodeji B. Alajo, Interim Director, Nuclear Engineering

  • George Edet Nkpubre
  • Abdallah Abdalaziz Wazzan

Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering

David Borrok, Chair

  • Baihua Lin
  • Ernesto Pinto
  • Ali Waqar
  • Shize Yin

Master of Science in Systems Engineering

Cihan H. Dagli, Director

  • Colin Frederick Campbell
  • Peter Pawel Cichacz
  • Emily Catherine Dierkes
  • Emmanuel Uche Mbagwu
  • Nathaniel David Metcalf
  • Dana Louis Norwood
  • Brandon S. Selph

Names that appear followed by an asterisk indicate students who are participating in the virtual celebration, but are not expected to finish all degree requirements until Friday, July 24, 2020. Final determination of honors will be based on academic records after all work in progress is completed.


  • 4.0 = 4.0 Grade-Point Average
  • SCL = Summa Cum Laude
  • MCL = Magna Cum Laude
  • CL = Cum Laude
  • HAF = Honors Academy Fellow

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics

V.A. Samaranayake, Interim Chair

  • Brett Lee Ballard
  • Brooke Mae Boulais MCL
  • Anzumaan R. Chakraborty 4.0
  • Elyse Auriel Freeman MCL
  • Kimberlee Hunziker MCL
  • Kayleigh E. Keefe
  • Quentin T. Lee SCL
  • Dalton L. Modlin
  • Shane McCallister Murphy SCL
  • Idrissou Boladji Eric Radji
  • Caroline Elizabeth Claire Schott CL

Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences

David Duvernell, Chair

  • Ryan Blake Kosier

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

David Duvernell, Chair

  • Elliotte Schafer Bourne* MCL
  • Katelyn Maire Brown MCL
  • Jasper A. Byrd CL
  • Hannah Elizabeth Cannady MCL
  • Matthew Jameson Claypool
  • Jessica R. Crites MCL
  • David Blaine Dunbar MCL
  • Caroline Elizabeth Dykes CL
  • Caitlyn Ann Gensler CL
  • Lillian Marie Germeroth MCL
  • Alexander Phillip Go
  • Margaret R. Greenley CL
  • Matthew J. Harris CL
  • Oksana Michelle Hart
  • Brooke E. Hildebrand
  • Delanie Adele Jones 4.0
  • Deshawn Nathaniel Jones MCL
  • Jordan M. Kabetske CL
  • Christopher James Lampton
  • Erica Marianna Lang SCL
  • Courtney Marie Lynn CL
  • Vanessa Marie Mahan
  • Molly O’Hare Maloney
  • Jenna R. Massie
  • Sam Merriman CL
  • Jeremy Christian Mesa MCL
  • Daniel James Scott Miller MCL
  • Kali Nelson
  • Jessica M. Newburry CL
  • Walker Daniel Peatross
  • Brayden Michael Roberts 4.0
  • Moritz Schweiger MCL
  • Isaac Raymond Snodgrass CL
  • Victoria Jayne Vigstrom
  • Gloria Elizabeth Williams CL
  • Savannah Marie Wilson
  • Joseph Patrick Wolf MCL

Bachelor of Science in Business and Management Systems

Keng L. Siau, Chair

  • Khadijah Mekrad Alajaj
  • Morgan Lane Barr
  • Jacob Alan Bayless SCL
  • Scott Austin Carey
  • William N. Crutcher MCL
  • Bradley Thomas Jones-Carlile
  • Hao Kui
  • Jiahang Li SCL
  • Kalena Ruth Mitchell MCL
  • Tristen Chase Nash
  • Jordan Adonis Newt CL
  • Ariel Ann Pierce
  • Joseph Anthony Raymond
  • Tim Samuel Schreffl
  • Jade Angela Sterling CL
  • Wenqi Teng
  • Hangyu Wang
  • Samara Joy Webber
  • Peter William Wilding 4.0
  • Logan Robert Wilson
  • Zachery David Wren

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Rainer Glaser, Chair

  • Lucas Jeffrey Albrecht
  • Gretchen R. Baudrexl
  • Jason Boes
  • Joel Borcherding MCL
  • Kelsey Elizabeth Brakensiek MCL
  • Matthew Joseph Cordia CL
  • Lucas Dyer SCL
  • Noah A. Engel
  • Samuel Kaine Geers
  • Patrick Kelly Hall
  • Elizabeth Harrison
  • Joshua Edward Isert CL
  • Emily A. King 4.0, HAF
  • Maycie Christine Lubbers
  • Olivia Marie Money MCL
  • Lily Trinh Nguyen MCL
  • Rachel Luella Nixon SCL, HAF
  • Hannah R. Vineyard
  • Emma Louisa Wideman

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Michael Davis, Interim Chair

  • Gavin Lemons CL

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Michael Davis, Interim Chair

  • David Frimpong
  • Colin M. McGuire CL
  • Brayden Owenby
  • Noah Lawrence Williams
  • Suzanne Irene Young 4.0

Bachelor of Arts in English

Kristine Swenson, Chair

  • Brandon Cole Broughton CL
  • Elizabeth Anne Caputa-Hatley
  • John Paul Donnelly CL
  • Chloe Gail Francis 4.0
  • Neal J. Kisor CL
  • Lindsay Jordan Mcnamee SCL

Bachelor of Science in History

Michael Bruening, Interim Chair

  • Randy Lynn Greeves
  • Ashley E. Griffith SCL
  • Josie Marie Krawitz MCL
  • Benjamin Ross MCL
  • Ethan Daniel Smith CL
  • Lucas F. Sochinski CL

Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology

Keng L. Siau, Chair

  • Matthew Ross Allen
  • Dennis Orquiola Baleta
  • Jacob Alan Bayless SCL
  • Aeron M. Cable
  • Tony Chang
  • Paige Cochran CL
  • Rebecca Jane Davis MCL
  • Joshua Mitchell Elam
  • Emily Danielle Fischer CL
  • Frederick Goodgaim III
  • Jacob Robert Hartmann
  • William Charles Imming III
  • Jonathan Lee Jarvis
  • Bradley Thomas Jones-Carlile
  • Rabia Khan
  • Austin Jon Kovis
  • Gavin Lemons CL
  • Brian Lee Middleton CL
  • Chase E. Neely
  • Abigail Marie Nitchman SCL
  • Shelby Elizabeth Saal
  • Anis Sarajlic
  • Payton A. W. Subject CL
  • Robert P. Sumpter Jr.
  • Dakota Joe Turlington
  • Logan Clark Willson
  • Joseph W. Yoder 4.0

Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies

Audra Merfeld-Langston, Chair

  • Taylor Marie Jenkins
  • Jamie Schwartz *
  • Justin Vaughn
  • Chelsea Jean Wisdom MCL

Bachelor of Science in Philosophy

Audra Merfeld-Langston, Chair

  • Amanda Lynette Brown

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Thomas Vojta, Chair

  • Brett Lee Ballard SCL
  • Jonas Gray Buxton
  • Elizabeth Anne Caputa-Hatley
  • Anzumaan R. Chakraborty 4.0
  • Dominic A. Dalba SCL
  • Michael Thomas Ellis
  • Zenon Klok CL
  • Cameron Scott Maupin
  • Kyle Richard McMillen SCL
  • Mark Bryan Myers II SCL
  • Vince William Preis
  • Ashley Nichole Pruett CL

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Susan L. Murray, Chair

  • Annie Elizabeth Birt
  • Colton Hammond SCL
  • Samantha Nicole Miller MCL
  • Cameron J. Nuss CL

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Susan L. Murray, Chair

  • Sarah M. Albertson MCL
  • Duncan Ashley
  • Brooke Mae Boulais MCL, HAF
  • Amy N. Costa
  • Timothy G. Kruper SCL
  • Dawn Little
  • Claire Nicole Neill CL
  • Ava Rose Stroud SCL
  • Sarah Asia Swier CL

Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication

Kristine Swenson, Chair

  • Stephen Buechter MCL
  • Alexander Henry MacPherson MCL
  • Jasmina Mehanovic

Names that appear followed by an asterisk indicate students who are participating in the virtual celebration, but are not expected to finish all degree requirements until Friday, July 24, 2020. Final determination of honors will be based on academic records after all work in progress is completed.


  • 4.0 = 4.0 Grade-Point Average
  • SCL = Summa Cum Laude
  • MCL = Magna Cum Laude
  • CL = Cum Laude
  • HAF = Honors Academy Fellow

Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering

J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair

  • Jacey Catherine Allen SCL
  • Usman Ashraf Bajwa SCL
  • Sarah A. Bentley MCL
  • Paige M. Berg MCL
  • Tyler A. Blaszak SCL, HAF
  • Conner Jacob Buretz CL
  • Kyle E. Carberry MCL
  • Matthew Robert Carpenter
  • Zachary Stanley Confer CL
  • Kyle James Craft SCL
  • Codey Michael Davis
  • Ryan Christopher Dover CL
  • Jennifer Lynn Estabrook CL
  • Isaac James Foster MCL
  • Justin Scott Franz
  • Zachary Jacob Galloway CL
  • Maxwell Joseph Geiger MCL
  • Andrew William Gerth MCL
  • Zachary Douglas Gildehaus MCL
  • Evan Guyett * MCL
  • Grant Robert Hecht SCL
  • Brendan Michael Hentz
  • Michael Todd Herman Jr. CL
  • Annika Esther Highley
  • Thomas Leonard Hoing MCL
  • Anthony Edgar Hoog CL
  • Sean Michael Jafari
  • Joseph Michael Kane CL
  • Michael A. Kiely MCL
  • Caleb A. Kimberlin MCL
  • Benjamin David Kroehler SCL
  • Alexander Daniel Lamb SCL
  • Cameron B. Leonard MCL
  • Hamming Yang Lin MCL
  • Elsa Maria Lopez
  • Brett Harrison Masters MCL
  • Nicholas John McCracken
  • Andrew Phillip Parasch
  • Ryan Scott Peterson MCL
  • Nathaniel Stewart Potrafka SCL
  • Andrew Weber Powell MCL
  • Robert David Rapp SCL
  • Jack T. Reiher CL
  • Jeremiah J. Rittenhouse SCL
  • Christian Douglas Robless SCL
  • John David Rodenberg
  • Marcus A. Runyon MCL
  • Eric Zachary Schneider
  • Lane David Schnell
  • Connor Robert Schott SCL
  • Joshua M. Sharp CL
  • William Grant Shivelbine MCL
  • Seth Allen Spinner MCL
  • Collin M. Steele MCL
  • David Michael Steiner
  • Nathan Thomas Thelen MCL
  • Zachary John Tiesing
  • Adam M. Trenary MCL
  • Wanda Emilena Vinson
  • Foster Scott Walrath
  • Jake Michael Oscar Welsh MCL
  • James Andrew Werner MCL
  • Kyle Jamison Worden MCL
  • Brayden Robert Wuebbeling CL
  • Matthew Thomas York SCL

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

Joel Burken, Chair

  • Margaret Suzanne Albert MCL
  • Hani Hamad Alowaymir
  • Alison Claire Bader CL
  • Brian William Borgmann
  • Jonathan D.J. Cureton
  • Cole Distler CL
  • Ashley Marie Fillback MCL
  • Drazen Jamal Gonzalez Tirado
  • Mahir Kablic CL
  • Mitchell Robert Kroeger SCL
  • Darcy Latham CL
  • Jacob Christ Pappas SCL
  • Alberto Rojo Jr.
  • Emilee JoAnne Schlader

Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering

Gregory E. Hilmas, Chair

  • Nicholas Anselmo MCL
  • Matalin Grace Barberis CL
  • Adam Jacob Barr MCL
  • Henry Joseph Blake
  • Kathryn Nichole Buscher 4.0
  • Alana Victoria Buznego SCL
  • Brendan Chase Carriel
  • Connor Lane Chadbourne SCL
  • Alexandria Elizabeth Doll
  • Nathan Anthony Edic-Gordey CL
  • Zachary Ernst MCL
  • Haley Marie Keil MCL
  • Ellie M. Lunte SCL
  • Hannah R. Martin MCL
  • Elissa R. Mefford CL
  • Rebecca Diane Molt Straw SCL
  • Erandi Murillo Duran
  • Nicole Irene Nulsen SCL
  • Erin Margaret O’Neill MCL
  • Zachary James Palmer
  • Alissa N. Reynolds SCL
  • Bailey Elizabeth Ricketts 4.0
  • Cambria Bennett Ryckman
  • Teresa Marie Schneider MCL
  • Lesa B. Steen
  • Miranda Stone SCL
  • John Theriac
  • Lawrence Anderson Thompson MCL
  • Nicholas Michael Timme SCL
  • Mikaela Nikol Weiseman SCL
  • Marina Christine Wright CL

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering

Christi Luks, Acting Chair

  • Justin M. Adler CL
  • Malak Ali Alabdulmuhsin
  • Dana Michelle Bailey MCL
  • Derek Alexander Berndt 4.0
  • Justin Roger Bond SCL
  • Joseph Andrew Carter Jr.
  • Holly J. Coleman SCL
  • Julia Rose Crets SCL
  • Alyson Nichole Diestel
  • Emma Christine Duckworth
  • Jamie Lynn Duffy
  • Kennedy Lynn Duffy
  • Molly Katherine Filiput CL
  • Kayla Gail Foster MCL
  • George Evan Garner
  • Aaron M. Gensler
  • Logan Alexander Glaze
  • Jessica L. Haller MCL
  • Brad Mathew Hancock
  • Brendan Higbie
  • Andrew R. Huckla
  • Emily Michelle Johnson
  • Matthew Earl Lamb
  • Amber L. Lawrence CL
  • Logan Matthew Leitschuh
  • Samuel August Meitz
  • David Joseph Meyers
  • Jasmine R. Monroe
  • Ethan T. Mudd
  • Emily Ann Murawski CL
  • Kyle Allen Newport
  • Brandon James Ochterbeck
  • Daniel R. Polednik MCL
  • Kaitlyne Amber Powers
  • Hunter Scot Powley CL
  • Mason W. Schneier SCL
  • William B. Schriewer SCL
  • Katherine Faye Schroeder CL
  • Kurt G. Schueddig SCL
  • Blake Smith MCL
  • Samantha Kaye Smith
  • Shelby Lynn Stoner MCL
  • Mikayla Katherine Tessmer SCL
  • Trevor Noah Thornton
  • Yin C. Tse MCL
  • James S. Tulotta CL
  • Grant Allen Vonderhaar MCL
  • Johnathon Michael Wagner
  • Hannah Elizabeth Ward MCL
  • Elizabeth Wiggins
  • Dae Ho Yang MCL

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Joel Burken, Chair

  • Margaret Suzanne Albert MCL
  • Alison Claire Bader CL
  • Evan Michael Bax
  • Travis A. Beal MCL
  • Trevor Michael Beuke
  • Sean Michael Blackwell
  • Christopher James Bland MCL
  • Daryn McKinzie Bourne
  • Katelyn Allison Brazzle
  • Kyle Patrick Brown
  • Shelby Rae Burnworth MCL
  • Kyle Cage
  • Alejandro Chavez Gonzalez * SCL
  • Chase Bryan Crossan
  • Alec Gene Decker CL
  • Cole Distler CL
  • Brett L. Donner MCL
  • Kara Lynn Duong CL
  • Jackson Wyatt Asa Eberle
  • Ashley Marie Fillback MCL
  • Hannah Kristine Franceschini
  • Jonathan Galvez
  • Luke Paul Goring
  • Scott McGreggor Grier SCL
  • Emily Ann Haines
  • James Peter Hansen CL
  • Abbey Jane Harashe CL
  • Rebecca Marie Herndon MCL
  • Christopher J. Horner
  • Mahir Kablic CL
  • Troy Anthony Kahle MCL
  • Aaron Nicholas Kates
  • Owen Kolberg
  • Mitchell Robert Kroeger SCL
  • Bradley Richard Kruse CL
  • Emma Rose Lane SCL
  • Tanner M. Laughlin CL
  • Mohamed Sabry Anwar Leithy CL
  • James Nicolas Long
  • Tate Steven Meyer
  • Jack T. Morris CL
  • Patrick Michael Nickels CL
  • Matthew Michael Ogden 4.0
  • Jacob Christ Pappas SCL
  • Kevin Joseph Reis MCL
  • Alexandria Nichole Rivera
  • Alberto Rojo Jr.
  • Luke Joseph Schnieders MCL
  • Jacob Colter Spradling
  • Tyler Wayne Spurling
  • Michael Stanley
  • Norbert Edward Stausebach IV CL
  • Nicholas David Thorsen CL
  • Jared Zachary Williams CL
  • Clayton Lee Young

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Daryl G. Beetner, Chair

  • Zachary Hale Bible
  • Loren Brady MCL
  • Jacob Patrick Brinker CL
  • Isaiah Edward Bruemmer
  • Madison Li Childress MCL
  • Sebastian David Coons
  • Seth Day SCL
  • Andrew Stephen Doing MCL
  • Nicholas Eads
  • Scott England CL
  • Rachael Grace Engle MCL
  • Eric Perry Feldmann SCL
  • Conor James Fitzgerald CL
  • Maneesh Gona CL
  • Lukas Grbesa
  • David Corder Hinton MCL
  • Liem Thanh Ho CL
  • David Quocbao Huynh
  • Caleb Jett CL
  • James Christopher King
  • Phillip Andrew LaFrance
  • Max Giovanni Medina 4.0
  • Jessica Holly Miinch MCL
  • Ronald Paul Mikulecky
  • Catherine Rose Mittlieder MCL
  • Jack T. Murphy SCL
  • Mark Bryan Myers II SCL
  • Timothy H. Nguyen
  • Ebba Linnea Oldenborg CL
  • Samuel Lin Osborne MCL
  • Albert Donald Perlman SCL
  • Mashroor Rashid CL
  • Matthew D. Scharf 4.0
  • Patrick Aaron Scott
  • Zachary Merle Seyer CL
  • Chelsea Lee Shaffer MCL
  • Jason Patrick Smith MCL
  • Joseph M. Studer SCL
  • Tristan Alexander Trapp MCL
  • Kai James Triplett MCL
  • Logan Martin Wilcox CL
  • Andrew Panyin Woode *

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bruce McMillin, Interim Chair

  • Mark Curtis Anderson
  • Adam Zaheerul Bateman
  • Zachary Paul Bax SCL
  • Lucas Gary Belshoff CL
  • Alec Michael Belue CL
  • Caleb A. Berg 4.0
  • Jacques Jules Bourquin
  • Loren Brady MCL
  • Andrew Thomas Bray MCL
  • Nicholas Scott Brittingham
  • John Bennett Boone Burd
  • Joshua J. Cash MCL
  • Megan Elizabeth Cash CL
  • Arthur Hok Man Chan
  • Savannah Noelle Collins
  • Andrew Stephen Doing MCL
  • Joshua Bryce Essman 4.0
  • Katherine Elizabeth Feissle MCL
  • Paul Fish MCL
  • Andrew Kenneth Floyd SCL
  • Patrick R. Fulps SCL
  • Daniel Alexander Golob
  • Maneesh Gona CL
  • Shannon Marie Griffin 4.0
  • Sergey Gruzdev SCL
  • Venkata Pooja Gunturu
  • Joseph Douglas Haley
  • Brandon M. Henry MCL
  • Liem Thanh Ho CL
  • Adam Jeffrey Hoffmeister
  • Wencong Huang
  • Samuel Harris Huddleston III
  • Paige Randall Huffman MCL
  • Derek A. Hymer MCL
  • Christopher Diego Kinney MCL
  • Corey Kitsch
  • Avery Cole Klingbeil *
  • Joseph Lee Klutenkamper
  • Timothy Edward Krato *
  • Joseph Constantine Kuhn II CL
  • LanChau N. LeTran SCL
  • William R. Lynch SCL
  • Beatrice S. Madison SCL
  • Adem Richard Malone MCL
  • Christian Joseph Matoushek
  • Kaleb Andrew McMillen CL
  • Benjamin David Mitchell
  • Catherine Rose Mittlieder MCL
  • Dalton L. Modlin
  • Rachael Lynn Moore MCL
  • Mark Bryan Myers II SCL, HAF
  • Kevin Allen Newell
  • Tevin Terrel Niang-Trost CL
  • Innocent Niyibizi CL
  • Garrett Glenn Null MCL
  • Ian Joseph Odendahl
  • Samuel Lin Osborne MCL
  • Aizat Farhan Osmawi CL
  • Courtney Ann Owings MCL
  • Joel Kisambu Pashi MCL
  • Kevin R. Patel
  • Katarina D. Peterson SCL
  • Katherine Marie Pitz MCL
  • Joshua Adam Pondrom CL
  • Daniel Lawrence Post MCL
  • Harinya Potluri
  • Logan J. Powell SCL
  • Austin Michael Price
  • David Robert Pruitt MCL
  • Cody Aaron Roberts
  • Daniel Michael Rozhanskiy CL
  • Alain Markus P. Santos-Tankia SCL
  • Michael Jon Schaeffer
  • Aaron Jacob Schepers MCL
  • Jeffrey S. Strahm MCL
  • Thomas Taglieri MCL
  • Skylar McKenzie Trendley CL
  • Alan Truong CL
  • Michael Christopher Ward
  • Lucas Andrew Winkelman MCL
  • David Robert Wood MCL

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Daryl G. Beetner, Chair

  • Zakaria Hussain Almubarak
  • Wayne O’Brien Anderson III CL
  • Nicholas Kyle Asbury MCL
  • Zachary Hale Bible
  • Clayton Paul Bichsel
  • Daniel John Bischof
  • Dylan Joseph Rote Blevins MCL
  • Gabriel C. Bowder CL
  • Jacob Patrick Brinker CL
  • Rachel Alexandra Bruner MCL
  • Anna Jean Buckthorpe SCL
  • Sophia Niona Calandro MCL
  • Marcos Phillip Carmack
  • Joseph Spurgeon Benjamin Caudle
  • Justin Chau 4.0
  • Madison Li Childress MCL
  • Patrick Joseph Conley CL
  • Seth Day SCL
  • Logan DeVasure
  • Jesse A. Dengel
  • Aimee Pualii Dietiker MCL
  • Rachael Grace Engle MCL
  • Jasser Isaac Estrada Guevara
  • Eric Perry Feldmann SCL
  • Maxwell Foley SCL
  • Steven Goecker
  • Read Edward Hanisch CL
  • Eric M. Hanson SCL, HAF
  • Hussen Mohammed Hassen CL
  • Andrew Anthony Hauck CL
  • Clarence John Hill
  • Tyler William Hopkins
  • Caleb Jett CL
  • Jack Juang SCL
  • Sarika Khanal * CL
  • Blake Noack Krodinger
  • Joseph Kurosz 4.0
  • Shane Robert LaPak
  • David Joel Laffoon CL
  • Joshua Steven Langella
  • Alex Langenstein
  • Tristan S. Lindeman SCL
  • Andrew Joseph Marion CL
  • Sean T. Martin MCL
  • Dylan J. McDermott MCL
  • Max Giovanni Medina 4.0
  • Jacob Jehu Minor CL
  • Kevin D. Morris MCL
  • Zachary Franklin Waggoner Mulholland CL
  • Jack T. Murphy SCL
  • Corey Daniel Nicholas SCL
  • Miles Curtis O’Brien 4.0
  • Albert Donald Perlman SCL
  • Jackson Grant Perry SCL
  • Tucker Ray Petersen MCL
  • Elvis Phung SCL
  • Joseph Anthony Piwowarczyk II SCL
  • Thomas Edward Rexroad SCL
  • Zachary Lane Salter SCL
  • Jacob C. Sanchez
  • Jacob M. Saxer CL
  • Mark Jacob Schoonover
  • Patrick Aaron Scott
  • Zachary Merle Seyer CL
  • Chelsea Lee Shaffer
  • Marlana Anne Shipley
  • Jason Patrick Smith MCL
  • Austin D. Snyder
  • Robert James Stack
  • Scott Warren Strathman 4.0
  • Daniel James Throm CL
  • Tristan Alexander Trapp MCL
  • Marshall Christopher Vaccaro 4.0
  • Lia Kay VanZant
  • Jared Wertin MCL
  • Shelby Anne Wesche SCL
  • Andrew Michael Wheat SCL
  • Zachary David Whisler
  • Dustin Whittaker
  • Nina Mae Woodroof MCL

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management

Suzanna Long, Chair

  • Emily A. Allen SCL
  • William Christopher Annunziata
  • Ryan Matthew Arseneaux
  • Colton Wade Bond MCL
  • Adam Josiah Brooks
  • Julia R. Clark MCL
  • Nicholas Carlton Cowan
  • Ian N. Coy
  • Kelly Jo Filips MCL
  • Collin Blake Fischer
  • Megan Rae Ann Friend CL
  • Caleb Daniel Gach
  • Trevor Layne Gehlert
  • Scott McGreggor Grier SCL
  • Chandra Elizabeth Hubbs CL
  • Justin Michael Keys
  • Lauren Marie King
  • Alexander J. Knowles SCL
  • Grace Marie Krenning
  • Megan R. Krueger MCL
  • Grace Elizabeth Lackey MCL
  • Braden Gene Millard
  • Ian Andrew Nelson
  • Bryan Robert Nowakowski
  • Madison M. Oostendorp MCL
  • Wesley D. Parnell MCL
  • Elizabeth Idowu Popoola
  • Jordan Hope Pryor
  • James Edward Rekowski III CL
  • Brandon J. Religa CL
  • Logan Thomas Reynolds
  • Angelica Jo Rodgers
  • Victoria Jo Rodgers
  • Shayne Michael Ross CL
  • Connor Gaine Rumney CL
  • Nicole Rain Stoinski CL
  • Rasaan Mohammad Syed CL
  • Rebeca Landia Tingeira
  • James Frederick Twillmann CL
  • Benjamin Robert Unger
  • Andrew Patrick Wade *
  • Lauren Elise Weible SCL
  • James Andrew Werner MCL
  • Michael Witte

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering

Joel Burken, Chair

  • Destiny Battle-Hilacion
  • Greta Belk
  • Carrie Brichacek
  • Hope Marie Drennan MCL
  • Scott Daniel Faulkner
  • Rachel Louise Gosen
  • Baylee Michelle Hutchinson
  • Maan Abdulsatar Mahroos SCL
  • Scott Aaron Major
  • Abigail Elizabeth Menkhus SCL
  • Marina Klayn Mueller 4.0
  • Rahel Sofia Nino Pommerenke MCL
  • Matthew Curtis Shallow
  • Marissa Lee Surber MCL
  • Emma Lauren Woods SCL

Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering

David Borrok, Chair

  • Miranda Lynn Beutler MCL
  • Kelly M. Christopher SCL
  • Jacob Craig Doster MCL
  • Grant Kincaid Epstein CL
  • Garrett Scott Hagar MCL
  • Rachel Diane Hickle SCL
  • Molly Lynn Ritter CL
  • Sierra Sean-May Shields
  • Megan Anastacia Skyrme
  • Amber Nicole Strick CL

Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geophysics

David Borrok, Chair

  • Faisal A. Almutairi
  • Ian M. Aubuchon
  • Noah Gabriel Beck *
  • Brooke Amber Birkett * 4.0
  • Kasey Lynn Buckley MCL
  • Clayton James Eversen CL
  • Katelyn Mackenzie Jones
  • Haowei Li CL
  • Nathan G. Limbaugh CL
  • Jiaqi Liu
  • Bayleigh Elizabeth Mitchell CL
  • Nazar Nicholas Safronov CL
  • Sarah R. Sperry CL
  • Miryah Keely Squires CL
  • Audrey Elizabeth Thompson CL
  • Sherry Emerson Whiteside

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair

  • Joseph David Albertson 4.0
  • Sarene C. Allen SCL, HAF
  • Jillian Anderson 4.0
  • William Harrison Applegate CL
  • Brent Aubuchon
  • Joseph H. Aydt MCL
  • Usman Ashraf Bajwa SCL
  • Isaac J. Baker
  • Cory Joseph Barrentine
  • Alexander Joseph Bell
  • Matthew D. Bennish MCL
  • Christopher Allen Berowski
  • Ryan Bettlach
  • Alexander John Bistline
  • Ashley Nichole Blanton MCL
  • Matthew Joseph Boswell MCL
  • Matthew Jacob Botts CL
  • Douglas Eugene Bross CL
  • Colten Andrew Brummell
  • Austin S. Buchheit CL
  • Ezekiel O. Buck CL
  • Dustin Howard Camden
  • Brett Wayne Campbell
  • Weston Scott Capper CL
  • Kyle E. Carberry MCL
  • Matthew Robert Carpenter
  • Parker E. Cayse MCL
  • Branden Cheun
  • Zachary Stanley Confer CL
  • Scott Andrew Connelly
  • Patrick Robert Cradick MCL
  • Christopher Michael Croft CL
  • Joel Charles Crumrine SCL
  • Kevin Patrick Curran SCL
  • Tyler T. Dachel MCL
  • Jacob Thomas Dampf SCL
  • Bryan Wilbert Dickherber
  • Trevor William Drane CL
  • Betty Ann Dunlap CL
  • Michael A. Dvorak MCL
  • Caleb James Eaton MCL
  • Kyle Richard Feager
  • Michael David Ferrara MCL
  • Agnes Germaine Fiedler
  • August James Flachsbart CL
  • Adam Daniel Fleischman MCL
  • Conner Trent Forsythe CL
  • Chad Austin Garoutte
  • Grady Hart Gatzemeyer CL
  • Marcin Glebocki SCL
  • Matthew Scott Gordon
  • Noah Marshall Gregg MCL
  • César Eduardo Gómez Villaseñor
  • Clay William Hallman MCL, HAF
  • Joshua Earl Hallum CL
  • Carley Anne Hamann
  • Matthew Richard Hoeppner SCL
  • Sebastian T. Hommes CL
  • Steven I. Hoppe
  • Joseph Brendan Huber CL
  • Ian James Huddleston
  • Jacob M. Hunter CL
  • Jason Edward Johnson 4.0
  • Lucas G. Kammerer SCL
  • Austin Dean Keller
  • Genevieve Marie Kelly
  • Daniel Klinger 4.0
  • Zachary Isaac Kramer
  • Megan R. Krueger MCL
  • Tiffany Rose Kuhnert MCL
  • Mohak R. Laad CL
  • Gregory J. Lahm MCL
  • Dustin Le * MCL
  • Erika Katherine Lettner
  • Adam James Lewis
  • Timothy Peter Lira CL
  • Christopher K. Loo MCL
  • Elsa Maria Lopez
  • Conner Jeffrey Manley CL
  • Andrew James Marsh MCL
  • Kyleigh Elizabeth Marsh SCL
  • Nicholas John McCracken
  • Mason Tillman McGavock
  • Lake Cayman McGinty SCL
  • Brenden Alexander McIntyre
  • James Meisch CL
  • Kevin Matthew Merrick
  • Jacob Ray Mier
  • Justin Glenn Miller
  • Kyle Steven Moss
  • Justin L. Nack MCL
  • William Jacob Valton Neuroth
  • Omar Nevarez-Barron
  • Duoc Van Nguyen MCL
  • Kayork Nguyen Nguyen
  • Tyler Jacob Niggemann CL
  • Ryan P. Noland SCL
  • Colin James O’Connor
  • Emily Joon-Hee Park CL
  • Zachary Joseph Petersen 4.0
  • Willem Dominicus James Pietsch CL
  • Blake Anthony Porter CL
  • Megan L. Potthast MCL
  • Akash Praharaj MCL
  • Daniel Ryan Quasebarth
  • Thomas A. Rabbitt MCL
  • Haley Michelle Rehagen SCL
  • Nicholas Reichert
  • Robert Adam Richner
  • John David Rodenberg
  • Tim Samuelsen MCL
  • Garrett Michael Sanders
  • Christopher David Schneider
  • Caleb J. Schroeder CL
  • Landon Cole Schuder
  • Griffin Michael Seidler MCL
  • Wyatt Lee Shay *
  • Nikolas Shengelia
  • Adam Russell Shipp
  • Caleb Jordan Sinkey
  • Cole Benjamin Skidmore CL
  • Christopher Charles Smith MCL
  • Jeffrey Wayne Smith CL
  • Seth Allen Spinner MCL
  • Bradley Louis Stetson MCL
  • Alec M. Stirnemann CL
  • Luke Frederick Stout
  • Joseph Makoto Sullivan SCL
  • Austin Craig Sylvester
  • Nathan Thomas Thelen MCL
  • Justin Bradley Thurman
  • Timothy James Tolliver Jr. MCL
  • David Anthony Tornabene MCL
  • Peter George Vaughan
  • Alexander Viviano MCL
  • Derek Alan Voges
  • Jessica Sumiko Volpe MCL
  • Tyler Shane Walker SCL
  • Zimu Wang CL
  • Brian James Weber
  • Hayden Dustin Wheeler *
  • Jason Jake Lee Wilson MCL
  • Ben Wilt
  • Ryan Tucker Yoder
  • Daniel Yoon MCL
  • Olivia A. Young MCL
  • Jessica Dawn Zelip
  • Alex Zheng CL
  • Haiquan Zheng
  • Austin Ryder Zimmerman CL

Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering

Gregory E. Hilmas, Chair

  • Stephen Henry Arant
  • Cassidy Ann Culver
  • Kyle Dunsford
  • Michelle Jean Ellerman
  • Alexander Bishop Fleming
  • Frederick Harland Groth SCL
  • Thomas Brandon Earl Lammey
  • Trevor Joseph Langhauser CL
  • Alexander Montgomery Lewis
  • Brendan Joseph Pinz
  • Alexis Regina Joy Prothman
  • Makenzie R. Schulta MCL
  • McKenzie Rae Shea MCL
  • Ife Justin Siffre CL
  • Jacob Michael Summers MCL
  • Hanok W. Tekle
  • Faith Kay Thomas

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

Kwame Awuah-Offei, Interim Director, Mining Engineering

  • Jacob David Bergman
  • Taylor Elizabeth Jessica Darnall CL
  • Brent Joseph Davis
  • Christopher Hudak
  • Andrew Craig Johnson
  • Colin Anthony Keele
  • Ethan Chad Kerr MCL
  • Meena Camilla Lahiri
  • Samual X. Lydick SCL
  • John Paul Marcano
  • Creighton I. Miles CL
  • Elijah Jacob Rychtarczyk MCL
  • Morgan R. Schenck CL
  • Gildas Che Shu
  • Michael Verdegem

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering

Ayodeji B. Alajo, Interim Director, Nuclear Engineering

  • Rakan Ahmad Alali MCL
  • Khalid Khalid Mohammed Saleh Abdulla Anwahi CL
  • Brandon M. Bohanon CL
  • James Francis Brunner CL
  • Michael Eric Dalgetty CL
  • Sean M. Drewry MCL
  • James Allen Eagan
  • Gregory Ellis CL
  • Alexander James Fleming
  • Joseph Michael Ghormley
  • Christopher A. Grimm
  • Keith A. Kleekamp
  • Brady Andrew Kluesner
  • David J. Koenigsfeld
  • Zachariah Alan Lacy CL
  • Conner J. Lane CL
  • Friedrich Edward May CL
  • Samuel Thomas Mitchell CL
  • Amanda Leann Morice CL
  • Jarod M. Schmidt SCL
  • Domenic Dwight Laudel Sievert SCL
  • Delaney Pogue Simmons MCL
  • Ben Sonpon MCL
  • Nathaniel R. Torkelson MCL
  • Zackary Charles Wetzel CL

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering

David Borrok, Chair

  • Hussain Mohammad Ali
  • Abdullah F. M. M. Alshammari MCL
  • Kelly M. Christopher SCL
  • Zahra Abdrabalamir A. Hamoud CL
  • Zachary Harrison MCL
  • Tyler Micheal Knoppe
  • Carter James Leake
  • Kaitlyn Grace Miller
  • Anthony Charles Richison
  • Tyler Huston Sivadon
  • Charles Andrew Smith
  • Mitchell Glenn Wiggins MCL
  • Robert Brent Wurdack IV
  • Zhanmiao Zhai MCL

United States Air Force

  • Katelyn Allison Brazzle
  • Kyle Patrick Brown
  • Scott Andrew Connelly
  • Caleb Daniel Gach
  • Andrew William Gerth
  • Patrick Kelly Hall
  • Christopher J. Horner
  • Colin James O’Connor
  • Tucker Ray Petersen
  • Lucas F. Sochinski
  • Foster Scott Walrath
  • Logan Martin Wilcox

United States Army

  • Cassidy Ann Culver
  • Kyle Dunsford
  • August James Flachsbart
  • Shane Robert LaPak
  • Kaleb Andrew McMillen
  • Joseph Makoto Sullivan

Show Your Miner Spirit

Graduate Speakers


Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks of Columbia, Missouri, has studied engineering management at Missouri S&T since Fall 2016 and earns his bachelor of science degree in the field this spring. He was active in the Christian Campus Fellowship, leading small groups for two years and serving as a student officer in 2018. After a co-op with Israel Chemicals Limited (ICL), Brooks accepted a full-time position as a supply chain leadership specialist with ICL. In his free time, he explores nature in the Ozarks, including caving, hiking, swimming in springs and stargazing.


Katherine Bartels

Katherine Bartels, born and raised in Independence, Missouri, graduated from William Chrisman High School in 2013. At Missouri S&T, she was involved in Chi Epsilon Honor Society, Graduate Leadership Institute, Water Environment Federation, Society of Women Engineers and the American Society of Civil Engineers. In 2017, Bartels earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering with a minor in geology, and she earns her master’s degree in environmental engineering this spring. She is a junior environmental engineer consultant for Golder Associates Inc.


Amy Costa

Amy Costa, a first-generation college student from Bridgeton, Missouri, has a passion for learning new things. She participated in several student organizations, including serving as president of the Missouri S&T Rocket Design Team. She says her favorite experiences were helping new students as a senior preview, registration and orientation (PRO) leader for new student programs and conducting undergraduate research in the Perceptual Psychology Lab. She earns her bachelor’s degree in psychology this May.


Sylvia Skouby

Sylvia Skouby of St. James, Missouri, earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering management with a minor in leadership communication from Missouri S&T in 2003, and she earns a master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology this May. Skouby works for Global Learning at S&T, where she shares opportunities with other professionals to further their education and supports student services. She is also an advisor for S&T’s chapter of Kappa Delta sorority. Skouby has two children who she says keep her on her toes with their endeavors in 4-H and school.

Photo of Simmons Delaney

Delaney Simmons

Delaney Simmons of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering this spring. Simmons has been heavily involved with the Missouri S&T Student Council and the American Nuclear Society. She says she enjoyed working to improve the student experience and representing her peers on important issues. She plans to pursue a graduate degree with a focus on nuclear energy policy research.