Core Curriculum Transfer Act (Core 42)

Missouri S&T is participating in the Missouri Core Curriculum Transfer Act, or Missouri Senate Bill 997. Courses that are part of the Core 42 project represent lower-division general-education courses that transfer between all Missouri public colleges and universities. To complete the Core 42, a student must enroll in the following knowledge areas:

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 credit hours)
  • Communications (9 credit hours)
  • Natural Sciences (7 credit hours)
  • Mathematical Sciences (3 credit hours)
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (9 credit hours)
  • Electives (5 credit hours)

You can find our 2018-2019 courses that are part of the Core 42 in several ways.

  1. List of Core 42 Courses at S&T. These are the courses with a Missouri Transfer (MOTR) number issued by the State of Missouri and our equivalent. You will notice in some cases that we do not have an equivalent course; howeverc as long as the course provides college-level credit, we will still transfer the credit hours as general credit.
  2. MOTR courses in our catalog ( Look for the MOTRansfer Guaranteed logo.

  3. All our MOTR courses in our schedule of classes with the appropriate MOTR number attribute. You can search our schedule of classes for specific MOTR numbers.
  4. Core 42 Course database from the Missouri Department of Higher Education (

Bachelor of Science degrees in engineering, business and IST, and chemistry typically do not follow Core 42 due to their accreditation requirements. All other Bachelor of Science degrees comply with the Core 42 General Education requirements. You can find them here as well as in the Bachelor of Arts degree requirements (

Students who have completed either an Associate’s degree or the Core 42 general education at any regionally accredited Missouri institution will have satisfied Missouri S&T general education requirements. All transferrable hours will be applied to the student’s record. It is still recommended that students transferring to Missouri S&T meet with their transfer advisor and consult the transfer articulation agreements.

Students wanting to participate in the Core 42 while at Missouri S&T need to submit the Core 42 Opt In Form.  Once you have submitted this form to the Registrar’s Office, a notation on your degree audit will appear. As you progress through courses at Missouri S&T, the degree requirements will be checked and once the Core 42 is completed it will be notated on your Missouri S&T transcript.


Appeal process

Missouri University of Science and Technology accepts college-level (excluding remedial and technical credit) transfer credit and grades from regionally accredited colleges and universities.

Students can appeal the decision of denied transfer credit; or if they feel it has been incorrectly awarded.

Appeal process:
1. Students must contact the Department Chair of the academic unit of the class for which credit was denied. If there is not a correlating academic unit, the student must contact the Registrar’s Office to find out which department is most closely related.

2. Student must submit the following to the academic department:

  • Course description
  • Course syllabus
  • Written statement from the Missouri S&T evaluation team regarding transfer credit in question. This should include any documentation collected in their review of the credit.

3. If the outcome in step 1 is not satisfactory to the student, the student may appeal the decision to the Vice Provost and Dean of the college in which the academic department of the denied course resides. This is the final stop in the on campus appeals process.

4. If all resolutions of Missouri University of Science and Technology are not satisfactory, the student has the right to appeal to the Missouri CBHE committee on Transfer and Articulation. Their website can be found at