Enrollment Status

Certification of enrollment status is based on the number of credit hours for which the student is enrolled and includes courses in which the student is enrolled as a hearer, with one exception. Hearer courses are not included for international student status, as defined by SEVIS.  For certification of enrollment status, stop by the Registrar's Office or use the certification letter request form.  

Undergraduate Students

StatusFall/Spring SemestersSummer Semesters
Full-time12+ hours6+ hours
3/4 Time9 - 11 hours4 - 5 hours
Half-Time6 - 8 hours3 hours
< Half-Time< 6 hours< 3 hours

Graduate Students

StatusFall/Spring SemestersSummer Semesters
Full-Time9+ hours3+ hours
3/4 Time7 - 8 hours-
Half-Time4 - 6 hours2 hours
< Half-Time< 4 hours< 2 hours