Instructor Access to Joe'SS and Canvas

Instructors must complete the FERPA for Higher Education test in Canvas in order to be granted instructor access to a class in Joe'SS and Canvas,.  To access Canvas, please go to  

Once you are logged in, select FERPA Training.  The training should take about a 30 minutes to complete and you must receive at least an 80% score.  If you fail to get an 80% on the exam, you can continue to try again until you meet the minimum score.

Once you complete the exam with a passing score, you will receive access to your class in Joe'SS that evening as long as the department notified us that you are teaching the course through a completed faculty teaching load.  Also, you will need to have an active appointment with Human Resources and completed all employment paperwork with them prior to getting access.  Failure to not have either a passing FERPA score, being assigned to a course in Joe'SS, or not completed all processes with Human Resources will prevent you from getting instructor access to Joe'SS.