Campus Curricula Committee Forms

Curricula forms will be completed and submitted online via the links provided below.

Electronic workflow has also been implemented so that the form will automatically cycle to the correct persons for approvals. If you have questions or lack the proper security to submit a form, please contact the Campus Curricula Committee secretary.

The Curriculum Management program will provide direction to complete the following:

Course Change (CC) Form - This form is for creating a new course or modification of a current course.

Degree Change (DC) Form - This form is for creating or modifying degree programs, curriculum, emphasis areas, and minors.

When creating new degree programs, emphasis areas, or minors please obtain a CIP code from the following website:

Once you have the CIP, please notate that in the justification of the DC form before submitting to the Registrar’s Office for approval.

Experimental Course (EC) Form - This form is for experimental courses 1001, 2001, 3001, 4001, 5001 and 6001.

*For the forms to work properly, it is recommended to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

At the June 2014 Faculty Senate meeting, the following policy was approved which is effective for all EC and CC forms approved starting with the August 2014 CCC meeting:

An EC form must be submitted before an experimental course is to be offered. An EC form allows an experimental course to be offered unlimited times during the five year period following its approval. A CC form may be submitted to request a permanent course number, if that course has been offered experimentally at least two times during the preceding five year period.

Note: new courses which are absolute requirements for a degree program, minor, or certificate, may skip the experimental stage with justification stating such absolute requirement.  If the new course(s) are being added as a new requirement for a degree program, then a DC form should also be submitted to modify the degree plan and add the new course(s) requirement(s).

Name Change (NC) Form - This form is for proposing a name change for a department.

Please note: Official CBHE forms should be submitted along with the DC form when requesting a new degree program or emphasis area, or when requesting a change of title in a degree program or emphasis area. Here is a link to the official CBHE forms: CBHE Forms.