Course Instruction Modes

Instruction modes are assigned to each section and serve as an indicator to the student of the expected teaching format:

(P) Classroom Based: The class meets face-to-face on a regular schedule for the required 750 minutes per credit hour time period. The class may meet in a classroom on campus or at an alternative physical meeting location. The class may use the Internet to accompany in-person instruction.

  • Model A: Class meets MWF from 10:00-10:50am in campus classroom.
  • Model B: Class meets T/R from 12:30-1:45 pm in campus classroom
  • Model C: Class meets MWF from 10:00-10:50 am in campus classroom. Some asynchronous online instruction prepares students for “flipped” Fridays. Instead of a lecture on Friday, class time is spent doing interactive work such as discussions, problem-solving, answering homework questions, and group activities that traditionally are done only outside of class. Online quizzes are given prior to Friday class to ensure students have covered the material necessary to be prepared for class.


(B) Blended Course (Reduced Seat Time): Courses include both required classroom attendance and online instruction.  Classes have substantial activity conducted over the Web, which will substitute for some classroom meetings.  A portion of the 750 minutes/credit hour time period for the class is delivered via the Internet rather than in a physical classroom. It is sometimes called hybrid.

  • Model D: Class meets MW from 10:00-10:50am in campus classroom and F class time is replaced by web instruction/activities. (reducing seat time at least 30%, replaced with equivalent online instruction/activities).
  • Model E: Class is divided in half after the first day. Half meets on Tuesday and half meets on Thursday (this could potentially be two small blended sections) creating two smaller classes rather than one large class.


(OS) Online Synchronous: The class is primarily online, and students must gather online at the same time regularly (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) for ‘meetings’ via the Internet. The class may have minimal in-person meetings, like an orientation at the start of the term or the requirement for in-person, proctored exams.

  • Model F: Class meets online T from 6:30-8:00 pm with asynchronous online activities. The T meeting may be transmitted from any classroom or office space.


(OA) Online Asynchronous: The class is primarily online although it may have minimal in-person meetings, like an orientation at the start of the term or the requirement for in-person, proctored exams.

  • Model G:  In a writing intensive course, the class doesn’t meet regularly, but may meet online in small groups or with the instructor during scheduled appointments or mutually available times.  Students edit each other’s essays using online collaboration tools and may meet with the instructor virtually as needed.
  • Model H: The majority of the course involves discussing various media (case studies, written, video, audio) using online tools to write, comment, reflect, debate, or persuade, to simulate a class discussion. Individual or group presentation recordings may be another form of students demonstrating an understanding of the material. (Mizzou online education courses)