Activities and Responsibilities

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Address Changes - Mary Lou Barkley, Vacant
Advisor Reports - Mary Lou Barkley, Vacant
Application for Graduation - Mary Lou Barkley, Julie Parker, Vacant
Cancellation and Withdrawals - Katie Tucker
Catalog (Graduate) - Crystal Wilson
Catalog (Undergraduate) - Crystal Wilson
Certification Letters - Mary Lou Barkley, Nina Eickhorst, Vacant
Change of Major - Mary Lou Barkley, Vacant
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Commencement Program - Brittany Parnell
Commencement Arrangements - Crystal Wilson
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Curricula Committee SecretaryBrittany Parnell
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Diplomas - Angie Huffman
Diplomas, Replacement - Nina Eickhorst
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Equivalency Database - Shelly Maedgen
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Registrar - Deanne Jackson
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Registrar's Administrative Secretary - Rod Henderson
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Scholastic Action - Katie Tucker, Vacant
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