Office of the Registrar : Pronunciation of Candidate Names

Dear Candidate,

Allow me to congratulate you on a job well done! A degree from Missouri S&T is not an easy thing to achieve!

My name is John Francis and I'll be reading your name as you cross the stage at graduation. As you can imagine, this can be a daunting task, which is why I need your help. If you have an unusual or difficult-to-pronounce name, would you please email me and let me know how you would like it said? Please write it out as phonetically as possible, using ALL CAPS for the syllables that get stress, with spaces between syllables. I'd like it written out something like this:

Ludwig von Beethoven

LOOD vik fon BAY toe vun

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

VOOLF gong ahm uh DAY oos MOW tsart

If you need to, tell me words that your name rhymes with. You can also send me a sound file of you saying your name, or as a last result, you could even call me and tell me!

Also, before you take your seats at graduation, you'll be given a card with your name, major, and address on it. There will also be a space for you to write your name phonetically. Ideally, you will have already sent me your name, I'll spend the week before graduation practicing, then when I see your name on the card, (once again with the phonetic spelling) it will remind me, and I'll say it perfectly.

Please don't put it off - send me those pronunciations now!

Thank you so much,

John Francis

P.S. If, after all these preparations I still mess up your name, please accept my most humble apology!!