Fall 2020 Commencement #GoMiners!

Congratulations to our newest Missouri S&T graduates! During our virtual Fall 2020 commencement, held Dec. 19, we awarded degrees to 596 undergraduate students, 149 master’s students and 42 doctoral students. In addition, 140 students earned their graduate certificates.

Event Details

  • Order of Events
  • Candidates for Graduation
  • Commencement Program

Order of Events

This online event will salute our graduating students through remarks and videos.

  1. Welcome from Mohammad Dehghani, Ph.D., Chancellor, Missouri S&T
  2. Congratulations from Mun Y. Choi, Ph.D., President, University of Missouri
  3. Student commencement speakers
    • Jimmie T. Washington, Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering and Computing
    • Kara Beldo, Multidisciplinary Studies with a STEM focus, College of Arts, Sciences, and Busines
    • Tracy R. Carpenter Bond, Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, College of Arts, Sciences, and Business
  4. Presentation of Emeritus Titles
    • Stephen P. Roberts, Ph.D., Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  5. Candidates for Doctor of Philosophy Degrees and Master's Degrees
    • Costas Tsatsoulis, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor, Research and Graduate Studies
    • Presentation of degree candidates
  6. Candidates for Bachelor’s Degrees
    • Kathleen Drowne, Ph.D., Interim Vice Provost and Dean, College of Arts, Sciences, and Business
    • Richard Wlezien, Ph.D., Vice Provost and Dean, College of Engineering and Computing
    • Presentation of degree candidates
  7. Congratulations from Julia G. Brncic, Chair, University of Missouri Board of Curators
  8. Congratulations from Mike McEvilly, President, Miner Alumni Association
  9. Conferring of degrees by Mohammad Dehghani, Ph.D., Chancellor

Candidates for Graduation


Commencement Program


Show Your Miner Spirit


* = Summer Graduate


Ahmed Khudhair Abbas *
Petroleum Engineering
An Integrated Wellbore Stability Study to Mitigate Expensive Wellbore Instability Problems While Drilling into Zubair Shale/Sand Sequence in Southern Iraq
Ralph Flori

Muhammad Raisul Abedin
Chemical Engineering
Investigation on Nanoparticle Based Combination Therapy for Targeted Cancer Treatment
Sutapa Barua

Paulette Bootz Acheson
Systems Engineering
An Approach to System of Systems Resiliency Using Architecture and Agent-Based Behavioral Modeling
Cihan H. Dagli

Anand Alembath
Chemical Engineering
Investigation of Urea Decomposition and Deposit Formation in Diesel Exhaust After-Treatment System
Joseph D. Smith

Esraa Habeeb Khaleel Al-Juhaishi *
Computer Science
New Approaches For Constructing Persistent Delaunay Triangulations
George Markowsky

Mustafa Mohammed Almahfood *
Petroleum Engineering
Experimental Study On a Novel EOR Method – Polymeric Nonogel Combined with a Surfactant and Low Salinity Water Flooding to Enhance Oil Recovery
Baojun Bai

Bader Almutairi *
Nuclear Engineering
Forming and Processing of Advanced Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Shoaib Usman

Ashraf Hashem Ibrahim Alsafasfeh
Mining Engineering
Modeling and Optimization of Froth Flotation of Low-Grade Phosphate Ores: Experiments and Machine Learning
Lana Alagha

Abdo-Alslam Ali Abdo-Alslam Alwakwak
Chemical Engineering
Continuous-Flow Synthesis of Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Compounds Over Intelligent Organocatalysts with Biofunctional Reactivity
Ali Rownaghi

Rakan Ahmed Alyamani
Engineering Management
The Development of a Project Typology and Selection Tool to Improve Decision-Making in Sustainable Projects
Suzanna Long

Richard Charles Barclay
Engineering Management
Development of a Modeling Algorithm to Predict Lean Implementation Success
Elizabeth Cudney

Walter Louis Barnes II
Engineering Management
Enabling Flexibility Through Strategic Management of Complex Engineering Systems
Ruwen Qin

Justin Edward Beltz
Tools to Evaluate Nanodiamond-Mediated Delivery of Tiopronin for Cataract Prevention
Nuran Ercal

Tarek M. Bubaker Bennaser
Fuzzy Logistic Regression for Detecting Differential DNA Methylation Regions
Gayla R. Olbricht

Abdulaleem Abdulmajeed A. Bugis *
Nuclear Engineering
Modeling a Nuclear Research Reactor and Radiation Dose Estimation in an Accident Scenario
Xin Liu

Tatiana Alejandra Cardona Sepulveda *
Systems Engineering
Development of a Systems Architecture for the Prediction of Student Success using Machine Learning Techniques
Elizabeth Cudney

Soumava Chakraborty
Removal of Non-metallic Inclusions from Molten Steel by Ceramic Foam Filtration
Ronald J. O’Malley

Arul Mathi Maran Chandran *
Electrical Engineering
Mesh Networking and Full‑Duplex Communication for Wireless Networks
Maciej Zawodniok

Tianju Chen *
Materials Science and Engineering
Understanding the Deformation Mechanisms in Ni-Based Superalloys with Using Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Method
Caizhi Zhou

Rachel Elizabeth Cook
Ceramic Engineering
Studying the Effects of Various Process Parameters on Early Age Hydration of Single- and Multi‑Phase Cementitious Systems
Aditya Kumar
Hongyan Ma

Yasser Mohamed Soliman Darwish
Civil Engineering
Behavior of Negative Stiffness Metamaterial Systems in Structural Engineering Applications
Mohamed A. ElGawady

Aruma Handi Nishshanka Chandrajith Desilva *
Symmetry-Breaking in the Multi-Photon Ionization Dynamics of Oriented Atoms
Daniel Fischer

Madhav Dhital
Fully Differential Study of Higher-Order Contributions to the Few-Body Dynamics of Simple Atomic Systems
Michael Schulz

Martin Albert Di Stefano *
Aerospace Engineering
Effect of Turbulence Model Closure Coefficent Uncertainty on Scramjet Flow Field Analysis
Serhat Hosdar

Patrick Dwyer *
Engineering Management
Balancing Labor Requirements in a Manufacturing Environment
Ruwen Qin

Rodney Allen Ewing
Engineering Management
Critical Success Factors and Risk Mitigation Strategy for New Product Development
Elizabeth Cudney

Daniel Galvez Moreno
Civil Engineering
Minimizing the Negative Effect of Pumping on SCC Freeze-Thaw Durability
Dimitri Feys

Yan Gao
Chemical Engineering
Enhanced Electrochemical Performance of Li-Ion Battery Cathodes by Atomic Layer Deposition
Xinhua Liang

Maria Camila Garcia Toro
Nuclear Engineering
Modification of the Optical Response of Alpha Quartz via the Deposition of Gold Nanoparticles in Etched Ion Tracks
Joseph T. Graham

Peng Geng *
Synthesis and Thermodynamic Characterization of Free and Surface Water of Colloidal Unimolecular Polymer (Cup) Particles Utilizing DSC and TGA
Michael R. Van De Mark

Matthew James Gualdoni *
Aerospace Engineering
Applications of Information Theory in Filtering and Sensor Management
Kyle DeMars

Vinayaka Nagendra Harikishan Gude Divya Sampath *
Systems Engineering
Predicting Complex System Behavior Using Deep Learning and Uncertainty Estimation
Steven Corns

Jeremy Lee Hartvigsen
Chemical Engineering
Process Intensification of Fuel Synthesis and Electrolysis
Joseph D. Smith

Elisandra Hernández
Geology And Geophysics
History of Natural and Anthropogenic Activities in Lake Izabal, Eastern Guatemala: Using Geochemical Evidence to Record Recent Contamination
Jonathan Obrist-Farner

Olufeyisayo Bisayo Ilesanmi
Geology and Geophysics
Predictive Geohazard Mapping Using Lidar and Satellite Imagery in Missouri and Oklahoma, USA
Francisca Oboh-Ikuenobe
J. David Rogers

Abdulhakim Issa Jabbr *
Mechanical Engineering
Combustion and Emission Characteristics of IC Engines Fueled by Hydrogen and Hydrogen/Diesel Mixtures and Multi-Objective Optimization of Operating Parameters
Umit Koylu

Abbas Alaa Jawad
Chemical Engineering
Catalytic Utilization of Carbon Dioxide as Renewable Feedstock for Production of Chemicals and Fuels
Ali Rownaghi

Ye Jin
Chemical Engineering
Strategies to Improve the Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries by Stabilizing the Interface Electrode/Electrolyte
Xinhua Liang

Seth Michael Kilby
Nuclear Engineering
Development of Radiation Transport Techniques for Modelling a High-Resolution Multi-Energy Photon Emission Tomography System
Joseph T. Graham

Jonathan Lee Lapeyre
Materials Science and Engineering
Thermodynamic Investigations of Pure and Blended Cement Mixtures
Aditya Kumar
Hongyan Ma

Aida Margarita Ley Hernandez
Civil Engineering
Complexities Observed During the Development of a Rheological Testing Procedure for Small Cement Paste Samples
Dimitri Feys

Fatima Mahgoub Magzoub
Chemical Engineering
Structured Catalysts Designed and Manufactured by 3D-Printing Technique for Functional Integration of Catalytic Systems
Ali Rownaghi

Robert Raymond Meinders *
Aerospace Engineering
Forming and Processing of Advanced Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
K. Chandrashekhara

Ali Mirala *
Electrical Engineering
A Multi-Physics-Based Approach to Active Microwave Thermography
Kristen Donnell

Rohollah Moghadam
Electrical Engineering
Optimal Adaptive Control of Time-Delay Dynamical Systems with Known and Uncertain Dynamics
Jagannathan Sarangapani

Majid Sueed Mohamod
Geological Engineering
Development of Tools for Water Management in the Hatra Watershed (Northwestern Iraq) Using Satellite Technologies
Katherine Grote

Paul Praveen Nakka *
Chemical Engineering
Studies on the Stability of Plasma Proteins and their Fragments
Daniel Forciniti

Pauf Neupane
A Molecular Dynamics Study of Temperature Dependent Wetting In Alkane-Water Systems
Gerald Wilemski

John Paul Richards
Engineering Management
Integrating Resilience into Military Infrastructure Mission Assurance Assessments and Decision Making
Suzanna Long

Vishal Gunshil Saravade *
Electrical Engineering
Investigation of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors for Room Temperature Spintronic, and Photovoltaic Applications
Ian Ferguson

Christine Louise Schmid *
Aerospace Engineering
Generalization of Polynomial Chaos for Estimation of Angular Random Variables
Kyle DeMars

Myranda Shea Spratt
Materials Science and Engineering
Development of Lightweight Materials by Meso- and Micro- Structure Control
Joseph W. Newkirk

Sudhir Sornapudi
Computer Engineering
Deep Learning for Digitized Histology Image Analysis
R. Joe Stanley

Todd Eugene Sparks *
Mechanical Engineering
A Framework for a Successful Additive Repair System
Frank Liou

Jingdong Sun *
Electrical Engineering
Accurate Modeling Techniques for Power Delivery
Jun Fan

Yin Sun
Electrical Engineering
Analysis and Modeling of Power Supply Induced Jitter for High Speed Driver and Low Dropout Voltage Regulator
Chulsoon Hwang

Wenjin Tao *
Mechanical Engineering
Human Behavior Understanding for Worker-Centered Intelligent Manufacturing
Ming C. Leu

Aditya Thakur
Aerospace Engineering
Fabrication and Characterization of Multifunctional Composites
Xiangyang Dong

Anusha Thudimilla *
Computer Science
Cyber Physical Security of Avionic Systems
Bruce McMillin

Matthew Edward Wagner *
Computer Science
Secure Blockchains for Cyber-Physical Systems
Bruce McMillin

Xinpeng Wei
Mechanical Engineering
Time- and Space-Dependent Uncertainty Analysis and its Application in Lunar Plasma Environment Modeling
Daoru Han

Matt Wentzel
A Spectroscopic and Photometric Survey of the W4 HII Region and Its Young Stellar Population
Bruce A. Wilking
Alexey Yamilov

Chunyu Wu
Electrical Engineering
An EMI Characterization and Modeling Study for Consumer Electronics and Integrated Circuits
Jun Fan

Jie Yao
Mechanical Engineering
Finite Time Suboptiaml Control Design of Nonlinear Systems with θ-D Technique and Implementation to Aerospace Applications
S.N. Balakrishnan

Sara Yazdani *
Electrical Engineering
Advanced Control Methods on Three-Phase Inverters in Distributed Energy Resources
Mehdi Ferdowsi

Shaohui Yong
Electrical Engineering
Improved Attenuation and Crosstalk Modeling Techniques for High-Speed Channels
Donghyun Kim

Xiaowei Yu
Mechanical Engineering
Additive Manufacturing of Customized Lithium-Ion Batteries: Process Fundamentals and Applications
Heng Pan

Jie Zhang *
Mechanical Engineering
Magnetic Control of Transport of Particles and Droplets in Low Reynolds Number Shear Flows
Cheng Wang

Weicheng Zhang *
Petroleum Engineering
Integrated Approach to Investigate the Wellbore Integrity Under Downhole Conditions
Andreas Eckert

Yandong Zhang
Petroleum Engineering
Fabrication of Micro-/Nanofluidic Models and Their Applications for Enhanced Oil Recovery Mechanism Study
Baojun Bai

Xingxing Zou *
Civil Engineering
Bond Behavior of Advance Fiber Reinforced Composite‑Concrete Joints
Lesley Sneed

Merissa Lee Zuzulock *
Geological Engineering
Geo-Engineered Induced Seismicity and the Effects on Federal Infrastructure
Norbert Maerz


* = Summer Graduate


Master of Science in Applied and Environmental Biology
David Duvernell, Chair
Sanjana Dhananjaya
Natalie Jordan Holl
Catalina Vega Hurtado
Taiwo Bolanle Iromini *
Katherine May Mazanec

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
V.A. Samaranayake, Interim Chair
Quang Nghia Le *
Sujit Subhash
Jing Sun

Master of Business Administration in Business Administration
Keng L. Siau, Chair
Allan David Annaert
Eric James Boyer
Kathryn Buss
Colten Patrick Conroy
Sileye Djigo
Leighton Eric Fairbairn
William Thomas Hellmuth
Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed
Darrin Jalen Myers
Jason S. Northern
Amal Abdalwhab Osman
Tyler Reyes
Tim Samuel Schreffl
Elsadig Mohammed Hassan Seedahmed

Master of Science in Chemistry
Rainer Glaser, Chair
Ibrahim Munkaila Abdullahi

Master of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology
Susan L. Murray, Chair
Taylor Susan Baum
Tyler Ray Blaylock
Tracy Renee Carpenter Bond
Brooke-Nicole W. Ruffin *

Master of Science in Information Science and Technology
Keng L. Siau, Chair
Khaled Nasser A. Alfaleh
Jeffrey Paul Easter
John William Easter III
Sumit Garg *
Christian E. Huerta Franco *
Jing Nan
Zhihui Ruan
Mark Andrew Schepker
Xiaoyi Wang
Janet L. Wickey


* = Summer Graduate


Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering
J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair
Jorge-Valentino Kurose Bretzke
Andrew Marcus Crow
Blake Anthony Folta
Austin Parker Foutch
John Cameron Helmuth *
Paul Robert Sokolich III
Anthony T. Wise

Master of Science in Ceramic Engineering
Gregory E. Hilmas, Chair
Nicole Mary Korklan *

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Hu Yang, Chair
Mansour Mohammed Alsalbokh
Vishal Babubhai Lathiya
Hunter Ryan Short

Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Joel Burken, Chair
Alexander Nicholas Cartaya
Khaled Mohamed Soliman Darwesh
Bethany Marie Gordon
Kyle David Hix *
Benjamin Gerard Krause
Jeffrey Jerome Pendleton
Kevin Ngoc Pham
Samantha Ann Turner
Joshua Grant Washechek
Anthony L. Weiss Jr.
Andrew Joseph Yost
Anyou Zhu

Master of Science in Computer Science
Samuel Frimpong, Interim Chair
Vincent Troy Allen Jr.
Puneeth Bathula
Ashika Devaguptapu
Mounica Devaguptapu *
Richard Bailey Eversmeyer
Andrew Kenneth Floyd
Luke Henry Holliday
Gopala Rao Kollipara
Edward Mwanza

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Steve Watkins, Interim Chair
Anthony David Guertin
Sai Hemanth Kankanala *
Patrice Shereen Lalor
Elizabeth R. Scalzetti
Stephen Trotnic
Johann Theodor Voigtlander *
Haidong Zhao *
Xiaolu Zhu *

Master of Science in Engineering Management
Suzanna Long, Chair
Angela Diane Agee
Cole Thomas Andrekus *
Christopher James Bailey
Derek Bell
Matthew Stewart Borland
Joseph J. Brown *
Adam Thomas Callahan
Michael Devin Churchill *
Daniel Joseph Colgan *
David W. Covington
David Andrew Durbin
William Jared Ellis
Menachem Nachum Felzenberg
Hunter Walker Firebaugh *
Joshua Carl Firestone
Carlos J. Giraldo *
Benjamin Robert Glover
Brian Gorski *
Michael Gourley *
Zachary Hall
Amber Marie Jones
Natalie Nicole Jones
Jackson Myers Lay
Steven J. Lee *
Orrin N. Lewis *
Lynn M. McCrum *
Trevan Glenn Michael
James Alexander Mikaloff
Lucas James Parker
Lindsay Anne Patton
Samuel Prichard
Kyle Robert Reeves *
Michael Lawrence Reilly
Alex Roan *
Marquis Jamal Roberts *
Anthony D. Russo
Joseph Michael Sciarra
Jack Byram Scogin Jr.
Allison Mae Smith
Dustin J. St. Arnaud *
Alexander Louis Swafford
Adam Tarleton *
Sheldon Thomas Tausch *
Brandon Jeffrey Thoennes *
Kyle Philipp Underwood
Andrew Scott Warner *
Toshio James Warren
Laura Esther Winn *
Martin Christopher Witt Jr. *

Master of Science in Environmental Engineering
Joel Burken, Chair
Jonathan Russell Young

Master of Science in Explosives Engineering
Kwame Awuah-Offei, Interim Director, Mining Engineering
Jason Ho
Morgan Tess Kropp
Casey Lee Pascoe

Master of Science in Explosives Technology
Kwame Awuah-Offei, Interim Director, Mining Engineering
John Joseph Frucci III

Master of Science in Geological Engineering
David Borrok, Chair
Anson Cavanagh *
Justin James Clinton
Alvin Medina Daproza
Arturo Dominguez Jr. *
Michael Patrick Dunn *
Christopher Ryan Esposito
David A. Falk *
David William Grimes *
Jeremy Liker *
Carlos Martinez Sambois
Kyle K. Merritt
William Joseph Miller
Martin Pash Mudd *
Christian Rodriguez
Nicholas Jason Severtson *
Curtis Walker Valencia
Kelby Clayton Wiley
Edward Alec Charles Wilkinson *
Micheal Allen Young *

Master of Science in Geology and Geophysics
David Borrok, Chair
Ben Fox
James Daniel Quick
Kaylin Agnata Tunnell *

Master of Engineering in Geotechnics
David Borrok, Chair
Sarah K. Budd
Darrin Jensen Harris
Benjamin Lee Kramka
Andrew Charles Peach
John Richard Suozzi
John Thomas Wright
Brian Scott Wyatt

Master of Engineering in Manufacturing Engineering
J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair
Aravind Murugan

Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering
J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair
Tan Pan *

Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering
Gregory E. Hilmas, Chair
Koushik Karthikeyan Balasubramanian
Yanru Lu
Leiren Jarvis *

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair
Azher Sabah Barrak
Tristan Nicholas Cullom *
Philip Honnold *
Aaron Timothy Julian
Frank Alexander Kalany
Md Shamim Mahmud
Mitchell Alexander McQueen
Tyler Edward Potter
Ashok Vardhan Reddy Resapu
Dustin Lyle Robinson

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering
Ayodeji B. Alajo, Interim Director, Nuclear Engineering
Ayman Adnan A. Mohammed

Master of Science in Petroleum EngineeringDavid Borrok, Chair
Zhe Sun

Master of Science in Systems Engineering
Suzanna Long, Chair
Angela Morris Ballard
Conner Bradshaw
Robert Stuart Briggs III
Robert S. Cate
Abigail Jeanne Clark
Christopher Wade Emerson
Zane Joseph Englert
Prince Chukwunyere Ezue
Alexis Sydney Hodgson
Christopher Maurice Holloway Jr.
Muhammad Monjurul Karim *
Amanda Frances Lee
Philip Lieu
Katherine Marie Linville
Mireille Fany Mballa
Lucas Moore Mobberley
Julia Morgan
Ryan Thomas Patton
Cody Christian Shell
James B. Stotler
Kefyalew Alemu Zergaw


  • 4.0 = 4.0 Grade-Point Average
  • SCL = Summa Cum Laude
  • MCL = Magna Cum Laude
  • CL = Cum Laude
  • HAF = Honors Academy Fellow
  • * = Summer Graduate


Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics
V.A. Samaranayake, Interim Chair
Cory Michael Marlin Chafin SCL
Cameron Book Etheridge
Marshall Edward Horton
Jaclyn Antoinette Montgomery MCL
Aislynn R. Pasierb SCL
Sean Dolan Powers
Mitchell Adam Schaedler MCL
Timothy Robert Van Hoose SCL
Elizabeth Westhues SCL

Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences
David Duvernell, Chair
Brittany J. Brown
Zachary D. Hess MCL
Aisha Kareemah Muhammad

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences
David Duvernell, Chair
Natalie Christine Arnold
Andrew T. Bevins
Elliotte Schafer Bourne * SCL
Jacob Crist Bricker
Matthew Jameson Claypool
Vidal Daniels
Joseph G. Dantin
Sarah Mohamed Hisham Fakher CL
Catherine A. Glover
Alexander Phillip Go *
Jordan Taylor Gross CL
Eric Michael Heidbrink
Justin R. Hinson CL
Joseph William Kaufmann MCL
Lydia M. Klenke CL
Jesse Lane Krokower CL
Madison Laudie
Nicolas Masella
Riley Ashlyn McFarlane MCL
Kaitlyn Mills CL
Chandler Wayne Mossman
Abigail Margaret Nardi MCL
Justin Chidi Arinze Onwugbufor CL
Andrea L. Sapaugh
Kirsten Emmi Schwandtner SCL
Brooke Hailee Wilson MCL

Bachelor of Science in Business and Management Systems
Keng L. Siau, Chair
Joshua Betz CL
Zachary Michael Gallina
Maria Guadalupe Leyva-Chavez CL
Katlyn Faye Maas CL
Alexander Eugene Molner
Samuel Charles Newman
Jordan Adonis Newt * CL
Griffin Francis Sauter 4.0
Zachery David Wren *

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Rainer Glaser, Chair
Christine A. Clauson
Lynell S. Cunningham
Catherine A. Glover
Maycie Christine Lubbers
Tiara Christine Pulliam

Bachelor of Arts in Economics
Michael Davis, Interim Chair
Marshall Edward Horton
Abdullah Shahbaz Khan
Noah Alexander Madrigal

Bachelor of Science in Economics
Michael Davis, Interim Chair
Jordan Lee Atkinson
David Frimpong
Sanchit Sapra

Bachelor of Arts in English
Kristine Swenson, Chair
Brandon Cole Broughton * CL
Marcos A. Buznego MCL
Adam J. Coffelt CL
Mesa Jay Ehren
Hannah Jolene Headrick

Bachelor of Arts in History
Michael Bruening, Interim Chair
Dane Garrett Jackson * SCL

Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology
Keng L. Siau, Chair
Omer Alp Aksu
Gavin Dain Altermatt CL
Samantha L. Anderson SCL
Darin Aranjo
Jacob Zackary Austin
Clayton Bohannon *
Cooper L. Broman MCL
Zachary Scott Brown
Joseph D. Distler MCL
Rachel S. Fluegel CL
Josh Eli Gambill
Joshua Z. Johnson
Ralph Andrew Judd IV
Aparna D. Kasinadhuni MCL
Abby Lynette Klein CL
Ryan S. Lander
Gagan C. Mandava SCL
Daniel D. Mattox MCL
Alec J. McDaniel 4.0
Joseph P. Mcevoy MCL
Jerrett Marshall Mcghee MCL
Emma Cheyanne Melton
Gregory John Mitchell Jr. MCL
Luis Emmanuel Mereria Ocampo MCL
Brijal Patel MCL
Benjamin Douglas Saake
Mariel Linlea Seabaugh
Sean Patrick Williams CL

Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies
Audra Merfeld-Langston, Chair
Kara Marie Beldo SCL
Jia Min Qiu MCL
Renee J. Recer SCL
Brooke N. Reed SCL
Jamie Schwartz

Bachelor of Science in Physics
Thomas Vojta, Chair
Kenneth Anthony Vinson Distefano CL
Zenon Klok *
Nathaniel A. Page CL
Ravi Shastri MCL
Elizabeth C. Triller MCL
Alex J. Warhover 4.0

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Susan L. Murray, Chair
Kathryn Alexandria Kickbusch MCL

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Susan L. Murray, Chair
Duncan Ashley *
Katherine Maria Frisbee MCL
Hannah Alisabeth Lampkin SCL
Mallory Gail North SCL
Donovan Parker Stiers
Emily Renee Swaters CL

Bachelor of Science in Technical Communication
Kristine Swenson, Chair
Jessica Marie Duncan CL
Hannah Bernice Gotto SCL
Elizabeth Anne Hoffer CL
Savanna E. Simpson
Rudi A. Starek MCL


  • 4.0 = 4.0 Grade-Point Average
  • SCL = Summa Cum Laude
  • MCL = Magna Cum Laude
  • CL = Cum Laude
  • HAF = Honors Academy Fellow
  • * = Summer Graduate


Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering
J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair
Dalton James Adamson
Jenalyn Danielle Boden
Hunter Christian Boswell
Noah Joseph Cwiklowski MCL
Nathaniel Robert Feldmann MCL
Katelyn Elisabeth Frogge CL
Eric Alan Green
Evan Guyett * MCL
George Victor Haman III MCL
Zachary V. Heller MCL
Sydney Ann Rice MCL
Matthew John Russell CL

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering
Joel Burken, Chair
Garrett T. Blanchard
Caitlin Elizabeth Critchfield SCL
Cassandra Eve Funke
Reagan Holden 4.0
Preston Lee Kramer MCL
Ryanne Linn
Nicholas R. Luckert
Alexander M. Maurer
Keenan Lorence McBurney 4.0
Bryer Nash
Joseph Vincent Ponticello *
Brian Thomas Schwartz

Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering
Gregory E. Hilmas, Chair
Owen Lawrence Bahner
Shelby G.T. Bork
Cameron C. Burky
Katelin Hannah Eagan CL
Robert D. Fosdyck *
Clinton Anthony Gaskill * CL
Rylee Danielle Hobson CL
Daniel Edward Markowitz SCL
James E. Oliver
Benjamin W. Prothman
Aaron R. Read
Tessa Dawn Smith CL
Lesa B. Steen *
John Theriac *
Brooke Elizabeth Wiles 4.0

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering
Hu Yang, Chair
Rebecca L. Abrams CL
Leah Elizabeth Amos CL
Grace Nicole Angles MCL
Sarah Nicole Aura SCL
Christopher Forrest Betts
Peyton Elizabeth Bradley SCL
Megan Elizabeth Brandt CL
Austin J. Brewer SCL
Eric Chavez
Nicholas Patrick Corcoran
Christopher Coronado CL
Alexander M. Daues
Connor J. Dolan CL
Branden Dean Drew
Roba I. Elshiekh CL
Avery Tregoning English 4.0
Noah A. Fakeri MCL
John E. Francescon
Dylan Jay Friesz
Alyssa Michelle Goldkamp
Ryan Charles Griffin
William Kinder Guthrie CL
Zaid Hashem Haha
Ele J. Hanson
Maya R. Hanson SCL
Thomas R. Hauter MCL
Julia Allison Hickman MCL
Justin Shayne Hutmacher
Marissa L. Jeske MCL
Alexis Michelle Kinloch
Elizabeth Noelle Lemieux MCL
Nicholas Charles Lodder CL
Christopher William Mark 4.0
Rolland Fletcher McCune MCL
Brandon M. Resinger CL
Jacob P. Resnik SCL
Jennifer Lynn Richardson
Nicholas Louis Schmidt MCL
Lauren Elizabeth Schroeder
Garrett Matthew Schuster
Jeffrey Thomas Sills
Blake Smith MCL
Hannah Renee Smith MCL
Corinne S. Stulce SCL
Brianna Rose Thiemann MCL
Emily Marie Timpe CL
Jordan T. Trigg
Amy E. Warner SCL
Jimmie Tyre Washington MCL
Ian M. Wolf MCL
Allison Marie Young
Kaleigh Faith Zehnle SCL
Mingcong Zhang CL

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
Joel Burken, Chair
Panik Mudiyanselage Varuni Kanchana Abhayaratne 4.0
Abdullah Ahmad 4.0
Victor Andrew Aldana CL
Zaria Abdalla Ali
Briel R. Arradaza
Chadburn Ray Barton III
Emily N. Baty MCL
Garrett T. Blanchard
Mason Robert Boorom CL
Michael C. Carlyon CL
Ravon J. Carpenter Jr.
Warren John Chahaga *
Joshua J. Cook
Alea Dawn Cooper CL
Godfrey Chukwuma Echekwu
Ashton C. England MCL
Isaias Enriquez CL
Jacqueline Shae Flynn CL
Sean Thomas Fox
Cassandra Eve Funke
Brenden Joseph Garza
Alejandro Chavez Gonzalez * SCL
Cameron Mae Hackmann
Ethan D. Hart
Conor William Henry CL
Thomas M. Herrmann
Reagan Holden 4.0
Caleb Charles Homan
Mitchell Jarosinski
Brody A. Kirsch MCL
Mark Allan Lamb CL
Mohamed Sabry Anwar Leithy * CL
Nicholas R. Luckert
Keenan Lorence McBurney 4.0
Michael William McKernan MCL
Evan Daniel McMahon SCL
Justin D. Mcmurtrey
Cameron Keith Moore
Brett K. Murray
Bryer Nash
Vito Giovanni Palmietto Jr. MCL
Joseph Vincent Ponticello *
Cliff Brayden Rickard CL
Deidra E. Rodgers MCL
Elizabeth Jean Sanders CL
David Dennis Schake CL
Devin Alma Schrieber MCL
Michael Todd Smith SCL
Michael Stanley
Hunter Lee Stepp MCL
Kole B. Taylor
Chipper Wallace MCL
Ryan Joseph Zickel CL

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Steve Watkins, Interim Chair
Obadiah Jorim Boda MCL
Adam Henry Brzyski CL
Cailyn Leslie Allison Crowley MCL
Brian C. Dahlman
Paul E. Daues
Brendan James Dunne
Nicholas Eads *
Clayton William Fry
Zachary T. Glaess MCL
Liem Thanh Ho * CL
David Quocbao Huynh
Katherine Latta
Dakotah Michael Lyons
Ryan Andrew McClure CL
Emily E. Moreland MCL
Abram Charles Morris MCL
Sean Alexander Ockleston
Andrew John Carlos Phillips CL
Alexander Robert Schlemeier
Jessica Lynn Shelby MCL
Jacob Eli Troy
Andrew Panyin Woode *
Anthony Ademola Yemitan MCL

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Samuel Frimpong, Interim Chair
Areeb S. Ahmed SCL
Hissah Yahya A. Almousa CL
Brandon Allen Ames SCL
Levi F. Anderson MCL
Ryan A. Bingham
Shane Bodimer CL
John Bennett Boone Burd *
Dylan Joseph Burr 4.0
Jennifer Kathleen Coleman MCL
Corey William Diehl * CL
Jack Alex Dixon III
Johnathan Alexander Dunker CL
Kevin Scott Ehlen CL
Drew T. Fransen CL
Caleb Lee Furnas MCL
Akshith Gara MCL
Devon Glass CL
Christopher Lee Gu SCL
Matthew J. Harster CL
Tanner K. Hermann
Jordan Skye Hertzler CL
Lucas Michael Hinkebein
Liem Thanh Ho * CL
Sam M. Huff SCL
Richard A. Kell MCL
Sean P. Kennedy CL
Avery Cole Klingbeil *
Corey Kitsch
Timothy Edward Krato *
Nicholas Paul Lacroix MCL
Katherine Latta
Gerald Linder
Sung Ki Ling SCL
Brandon Gray Long
Sierra C. Madrid MCL
Leo J. Mankovich
Brandon McCurry
Thomas James McKanna SCL
Clay M. Mcginnis MCL
Jeffrey Meyer MCL
Cody M. Moore CL
Innocent Niyibizi MCL
Eric Raymond Olenski
Andrew Ferrill Pauley
Harinya Potluri *
Austin J. Poulsen
Hannah Marie Reinbolt
Keelon Terrell Robinson
Austin William Sampson CL
Allen Michael Schrader
Michael E. Sebelski
Devinda C.A. Senanayake
John M. Shenouda MCL
Erik Cameron Shively *
Andrew M. Speelman
Tamara J. Spivey
Daniel Christopher Spohr
Matthew Scott Stroble MCL
Brittan Jose Thomas
Edward Tsang CL
Robert M. Wakefield
Alex J. Warhover 4.0
Dylan Ugene Warren
Travis Glen Weible MCL
Henry C. Wong * CL
Anthony Ademola Yemitan MCL

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
Steve Watkins, Interim Chair
Matias Ensio Aura
Travis Damon Austinson
Rebekah Baggett
Blake Kenton Bohl SCL
Lucas Ryan Bonskowski MCL
Adam Henry Brzyski CL
Michael Joseph Butler MCL
Christopher J. Case CL
Carlos Omar Cook
Jacob William Crosby
Cailyn Leslie Allison Crowley MCL
Dakota T. Dames-Dace MCL
Jesse A. Dengel *
Elisabeth Kristine DeStefano
John Clyde DeStefano
Maxwell Robert Diener
Matthew Peter Dreon
John Patrick Ryan Dwiggins
Jarrett Wayne Eberhardt
Jared Robert Floyd
Logan R. Fulk
Mason James Fulton CL
Jack Gabriel Gibfried SCL
Scott Douglas Gilliland
Curtis A. Glosemeyer MCL
Austin Michael Hill MCL
Brent J. Hindle SCL
Matthew T. Jefferson CL
Maddison Rose Kaiser CL
Sarika Khanal * MCL
Skyler E. Mertz
Tyler Erik Moore CL
Abram Charles Morris MCL
Justin Phillip Morse * MCL
Matthew N. Mutarelli
Caleb William Nelson
Clayton A. Ohmes CL
William KY Ong 4.0
Evan B. Pautz
Austin Scott Peters CL
Andrew John Carlos Phillips CL
Kyrie A. Quijano
Thomas Edward Rexroad * SCL
Jessica Lynn Shelby MCL
Austin Tyler Smith
Marc St. Amour CL
Samuel W. Stafford CL
Markus Claudiu Timoce
Lenard Kristian Tyler CL
Austin Dean Tyree
Moorthy Mathav Velayutha Perumal
Andrew S. Ward Esq. CL
Kameron Daniel Wood CL
Adam Robert Wray CL
John E. Young SCL

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Management
Suzanna Long, Chair
Luke S. Andrews CL
Logan Michael Armontrout
Jonathan M. Banowetz
Gabriel Nicolas Barron *
Jacob T. Burns
Christina Courtney Carrig
Joseph C. Christlieb
Quinn P. Corcoran
Ian N. Coy *
Peter Kellen Doran
Rodney L. Dukes
Caleb Lowell Gambriel
Aubrey J. Howell MCL
Joseph Daniel Huffman
Anwaar S. Ibrahim MCL
Kaelyn G. Kacirek
Eriselda Leka
Elijah Stephen Milan
Anna Catherine Myers MCL
Landon H. Payne
Lauren Elizabeth Price CL
Shayne Michael Ross * CL
Douglas D. Ryterski MCL
Michael A. Schuering CL
Austin James Smith
Nathan Philip Smith
Luna Svetlana Spring
Sontsa Y. Spring
Jordan Mark Stephens
Luke Daniel Swanton MCL
Owen Anthony Van De Riet
Joseph Thomas Vrabel
Andrew Patrick Wade *
Mark Allen Whaley
Abigail Nicole Winkler
Cody Allen Witt

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering
Joel Burken, Chair
William Chen CL
Lisa Thi Le CL
Benjamin Evan Maples
Ian Edward McLean
Luke Andrew Noble
Andrew Michael Patton CL
Courtney L. Pyrtle
Lauren Elisabeth Schumacher
Emily A. Stewart CL
Ethan W. Vinyard MCL
Shelby Lynn Williams

Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering
David Borrok, Chair
Chloe Elizabeth Baxter
Breanna Sue Birkett 4.0
Madison E. Bowen MCL
Serra Elizabeth Crowley
Ripken B. Dodson CL
Joshua Paul Eifert
Tashara Shawnee Horton CL
Sophie Claire Julien MCL, HAF
Alicia Kay Luebbe MCL
Crystal LeeAnn Luttrell
Noah Alexander Madrigal
Amanda Skeeters CL
Megan Anastacia Skyrme *
Charlene Renae Smith
Payton C. Spohn CL
Ashley T. Steffen MCL
William Odell Travous Appointed Second Lieutenant United States Army
Nathan Phillip Winderl MCL

Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geophysics
David Borrok, Chair
Noah Gabriel Beck *
Brooke Amber Birkett * 4.0
Sarah Rose Gartner
Carlie Elizabeth Koch *
Gabriela Yvonne Ramirez
Ashton Marie Vonnahme

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
J. Keith Nisbett, Interim Chair
Roman Victor Acharya
Dalton James Adamson
David Alexander Baldwin
Jay Dee Bales
Colten Matthew Becker MCL
William Daniel Bell CL
Matthew C. Benne CL
Joshua T. Bennett
William Joseph Boettcher CL
Seth Michael Bollinger SCL
Tate Gibbens Bollweg SCL
Sarah Elizabeth Booth
Brenden J. Bratsch CL
Lucas Alan Breckenridge MCL
Mason Grant Briggs CL
Luke Anthony Buhr MCL
Jordan A. Camenzind MCL
Isaac Hummel Clark CL
David Marshall Clausen
Jack H. Coady
Sidney Alan Coy *
Sean Tyler Crabtree
Luka Culjak
Aaron Steven Cunningham CL
Noah Joseph Cwiklowski MCL
Carter Ray Daniels
Kyle J. Dansby CL
Charles W. Dienstbach
Nathaniel Emerson Dyer
Andrew M. Ellison MCL
Martin A. Faland
Joseph C. Faudel SCL
Ryan William Felter
Alexandra E. Floyd CL
Nicholas Foley
Hannah M. Garrison CL
Matthew Joseph Gonzales
Joseph Tanner Grant MCL
Anthony Thomas Grasso
Eric Alan Green
Justin N. Grimes CL
Max T. Grogan MCL
Matthew Myers Hagan SCL
George Victor Haman III MCL
Salem Kamel Hawatmeh CL
Nathan B. Heaton MCL
Zachary V. Heller MCL
Jacob Harrison Herbst 4.0
Christopher Peter Heyl MCL
Bradley Ray Hilton MCL
Mattew Thomas Hogan
Charlsie Holt
Austin Clay Hon
Daniel Lane Johns
Alexander S. Jones
Timothy Robert Juergens MCL
Jacob Francis Kannady CL
Genevieve Marie Kelly
Christopher Alan Kiernat * MCL
Ariana Kim CL
Ke’Juan B. King
Ryan Daniel Kirkendall
Tyler Scott Knibb
Trevor K. Kopp SCL
Patricia A. Larson MCL
Josiah E. Lawson CL
Noah Ka’imilani Lee MCL
Luke Anthony Long CL
Kyle Anthony Malloy
Jacob D. Maxwell CL
Peter Alan Meece
Paul Joseph Meyer
Nathan William Mikulski MCL
Andrew J. Miller SCL
Keyri Nileth Moreno Bonnett CL
Sarah K. Morrison SCL
Ty Sawyer Murphy CL
Daniel R. Newhall
Zachary Reed Norton
Matthew Ryan O’Donnell Jr. SCL
Lucas Matthew Ochs MCL
Christopher Joseph Oswald CL
David Zebulun Palmeri CL
Joselyn Nicole Patterson MCL
Amanda Marie Patton
Nathan M. Peipert MCL
Andrew Taggart Pirkle
Joseph Brooks Plunkett
Liam Neil Price
Ryan Charles Priesmeyer
Sydney Ann Rice MCL
Yousuf Yehya Rifai
Weston Bryce Robertson MCL
Seth A. Rodewald
Justin C. Rogers CL
Matthew John Russell CL
Jordan L. Sanner
Sanchit Sapra
Ashley Jacqueline Schmid MCL
Anthony J. Schmitt
Leah Susan Schwent
Clara Scotte SCL
Evan E. Searcy SCL
Blake Alexander Seppelt
Taylor Sheldon
Connor M. Slattery CL
Landen Parker Smith
Warren Smith
Ethan Lawrence Stiles CL
Austin G. Stoecker MCL
Dallas B. Swaggerty MCL
Aaron J. Taske CL
Rachel Lynn Thaemert
Jonah Thomas Thatch
Wyatt Joseph Thomas
Mark Jordan Topp CL
Cooper J. Tracy
Nadia E. Vitale
Katherine M. Voelker
Jiewen Wang
Colin Craig Webb
Hayden Dustin Wheeler *
Chanler Bryan Lee White
Tylor Mackenzie Whitley MCL
Jordan S. Whitney
Megan Kathleen Wibbenmeyer SCL, HAF
Justin D. Williams SCL
Matthew S. Woerner MCL
Zachary Thomas Wood
Gage Hendrickson Woodward CL
Nader Naseer Zeen Udden
Joshua Karl Zembas MCL

Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering
Gregory E. Hilmas, Chair
Steen J. Anthony CL
Richard C. Messer III CL
Katherine E. Sikora MCL
Thomas Choi Wall MCL

Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering
Kwame Awuah-Offei, Interim Director, Mining Engineering
Muhamed Fazlagic
Andrew Virgil Menke MCL
John Paul Marcano *

Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering
Ayodeji B. Alajo, Interim Director, Nuclear Engineering 
Stephanie Leigh Bingham *
Brandon A. Fulton * CL
Keith A. Kleekamp *
Brady Andrew Kluesner *
Elizabeth C. Triller MCL

Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering
David Borrok, Chair
Nawaf Ahmed Alashwak
Rashid Alhosan AlShamsi
Nour Althauwaini
Brent M. Bauerschmidt
Tyler Eugene Charles CL
Justin Feliz CL
Alexander L. Glenn SCL
Khazal Abdul Kareem Hasan
Nicholas Andrew Keser
Abdullah Shahbaz Khan
Tyler Micheal Knoppe *
Shengyu Yao

United States Army

William Odell Travous

Graduate Speakers

Kara Beldo

Kara Beldo of Parkville, Missouri, earns a bachelor’s degree in multidisciplinary studies with a STEM focus, Missouri teaching certification and Project Lead The Way certification. A member of Zeta Tau Alpha, Order of Omega Honors Fraternity and Student Missouri State Teachers Association, Beldo volunteered as a STEAM teacher at Rolla Middle School and with the S&T Applied Language Institute. After graduation, she will teach elementary school in the Kansas City, Missouri, Park Hill School District while pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Missouri.

Jimmie T. Washington

Jimmie T. Washington of Missouri City, Texas, earns a bachelor of science degree in chemical engineering. As a student leader and track and field athlete, Washington developed a passion in STEM, leadership, and inclusion and diversity through his involvement on campus. He held internship and co-op positions with ExxonMobil and Chevron, where he immersed himself in upstream, downstream and commercial engineering. After graduation, Washington will join the rotational Operations Leadership Development Program at ThermoFisher.

Tracy R. Carpenter Bond

Tracy R. Carpenter Bond of St. Louis earns a master of science degree in industrial-organizational psychology. Carpenter Bond, the districtwide coordinator of veterans affairs for St. Louis Community College, served 34 years in the U.S. Navy Reserves as a hospital corpsman and biomedical engineer. After returning to the U.S. from a five-year deployment, she decided to complete her master’s degree. During the first week of her initial semester, she was diagnosed with a rare progressive form of cancer. Carpenter Bond completes her master’s degree in honor of her youngest son, who died unexpectedly after planning to return to school with Carpenter Bond.

For more information about commencement, please see our Commencement Information page.