Candidate Checklist

The following is a checklist for students to follow in preparation for graduating from the Missouri University of Science and Technology.

Deadline for Application
The student must submit to the Registrar's Office a completed application for graduation form within the first four weeks of his/her graduating semester.  This can be done through Joe'SS.

Final Caps Report
After the fifth or sixth week of classes, undergraduate students will receive a preliminary degree check with an analysis mailed to their local address. This analysis will consist of a CAPS report and a cover letter stating any discrepancies or if all the requirements have been met with in-progress course work. CAPS reports may be obtained at any time from Joe'SS. NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to make sure all discrepancies have been resolved before commencement.

Name and Address Check
Students can verify their degree name and address on Joe’SS (Self Service > Student Center > Personal Information). Please inform the Registrar’s Office of any discrepancies (; 573-341-4181; Diploma Address Change form).

Order Cap and Gown
All participants must wear a cap and gown in order to participate in the ceremony. Please contact The S&T Store to purchase caps, gowns, and other academic regalia (573-341-7522,  Watch the eConnection for information about the graduation fair.

Career Outcome Survey
Graduates must report after graduation plans (employment, graduate school, continuing existing, undecided, or not seeking) to Career Opportunities and Employer Relations by completing the online survey.  If you have a question concerning the graduate outcome survey please e-mail, call 341-4343, or stop by 304 Norwood Hall. This data helps Missouri S&T constituents by determining average starting salaries, top hiring employers and contributes to university rankings. Salary information is confidential and secure.

Senior Assessment
All graduating seniors can check the Assessment Office link to view their senior assessment requirement. If they have a question concerning the Major Field Senior Assessment requirements please e-mail, call 341-4954, or stop by G5B CSF (Campus Support Facility).

Transfer Credit, 30-day Deadline
All transfer credit/correspondence course work must be completed prior to commencement. Transcripts for correspondence and transfer credit must be received within 30 days after commencement. In addition, grade changes or incomplete grades must be submitted to the Registrar's Office within 30 days after commencement in order to meet graduation requirements.

Reapply for Graduation
If a student fails to meet graduation requirements in the term specified, he/she must reapply for the term in which he/she next expects to complete all requirements. Final degree audits are only provided for the terms specified.